For a Legitimate Answer, Ask Unmarried, Unemployed Trans People From Outside of New York City

The question:

Will Transgender New Yorkers Benefit from Marriage Equality?

The spin:

With all eyes squarely set upon the Empire State, the question remains whether transgender New Yorkers stand to benefit from the state’s marriage equality law once it takes effect on Sunday, July 24.

Trans activists with whom EDGE spoke earlier this week lauded the passage of this historic legislation as a significant step towards full equality for all New Yorkers.

“Marriage equality will be good for transgender people,” said Melissa Sklarz, director of the New York Trans Rights Organization.

The lie:

[Pauline] Park said she understands the frustration of trans people who feel efforts to secure nuptials for same-sex couples pushed GENDA to the backburner. She added, however, that passage of the marriage equality bill actually bolsters GENDA’s chances in Albany.

I guess I was asleep when the Massachusetts trans bill – which, according to that logic, could only have been bolstered by the manufacturing of gay marriage in that state in 2003 – became law in 2005.

And I guess I was so busy re-reading that enacted statute that I missed the bolstered-by-gay-marriage New Hampshire trans bill becoming law.

….same as it ever was.

One Response to For a Legitimate Answer, Ask Unmarried, Unemployed Trans People From Outside of New York City

  1. I will concede one teensy point to the MDSers: Same-legal-sex marriage does make it somewhat easier for Canadians like me to help in marriages where access to health care and a job market that hates them a little less is a biggie.That and the next trans person who has a marriage license denied is going to have one hell of an easy time showing how cissexist and ridiculous the laws of the state are.

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