This Year’s Winner of the Nobel Sanity Prize is…

Roger Ebert.


Yes, the movie guy – but, no, that’s not an image of him.

Nevertheless, I suspect that, despite having done pretty well financially, he identifies more with the person in that image than do the people he writes about in his analysis of how the Republican Party has begun the process of “moving out of history.”

The right wing of the Republican Party is under the sway of religious fundamentalists. Some of these people believe they know God’s will. They subscribe to the fiction, “America was founded as a Christian nation.” They actively believe the church should have a greater role in the state. But not just any church, or all churches — their church, fundamentalist Christianity.

The extent to which they exercise veto power in the GOP is indicated by the extraordinary reluctance of so many Republican politician to state whether they “believe” in the Theory of Evolution. Some GOP Presidential candidates are actually Creationists. This position shows a disregard for modern science and a faith in the ignorance of the average voter.

Most Americans believe their children deserve a sound education free of ideology. They look in alarm at measures in such states as Texas, Louisiana and Tennessee to infiltrate science classrooms with thinly-veiled faith-based Creationist notions. The Republicans who propose and embrace such measures are positioning themselves not only out of the mainstream, but far away up on the river bank.

… where one will often find snakes, alligators and bears lying in wait.

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