Is Wisconsin’s Anti-Gay Political Machine a Lesbian-Run Front Group for the Koch Brothers?

The bizarreness, as reported by the Wisconsin Gazette:

An anti-gay extremist group is pouring big money into commercials for GOP senators facing recall elections on Aug. 9.

Wisconsin Family Action has spent at least $304,000 in recent weeks on broadcast ads smearing the Democratic opponents of two right-wing state senators. That’s a remarkable level of spending for the small evangelical group, according to political observers.

Although WFA is not required by law to disclose individual donors, contributors are likely to be some of the same out-of-state groups that are shoveling cash into Wisconsin senate races at levels never before seen in the state. WFA executive director Julaine Appling refuses to discuss the source of the group’s sudden windfall.

In a story that’s notable for its layers of oddity, Appling is a never-married single woman who’s lived for many years with Diane Westphall, another never-married single woman. The two currently share a home they own together in Watertown, and they also work side by side at WFA.

Do they call one another J. Edgar and Clyde in bed?

And, before ya go thinking that it would be just too bizarre for a couple of privileged, self-loathing dykes to be at the forefront of screwing over those of their own kind who can’t afford a sex-filled closet of ultra-white, ultra-monied privilege, remember that at least a few gays openly campaigned in favor of California’s anti-gay-marriage Prop 22 back in 2000.

[Wisconsin Democratic Party Chairman Mike] Tate said Appling was able to spend only about $200,000 for WFA’s flagship effort, the voter referendum that prohibited same-sex marriage and civil unions. Put in that perspective, Tate finds WFA’s sudden high-stakes position on issues outside its narrow purview to be alarming and suspicious.

“All of a sudden this little, tiny anti-gay outfit becomes a major player on the political scene? Come on. They’ve become a front group for somebody’s dirty cash,” he said.


Koch adds death – one election at a time.

2 Responses to Is Wisconsin’s Anti-Gay Political Machine a Lesbian-Run Front Group for the Koch Brothers?

  1. Megan says:

    How special. I seem to recall Appling saying in 2006 that she was going to get out of public life as soon as she helped push the anti-gay-marriage constitutional amendment through. Too bad she didn’t keep her word about that.

  2. quayside says:

    Except for the fact that Westphall and Appling are SISTERS. not lesbians. Stop your lies now–

    Go down to the Westphall entry and you’ll find them listed–

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