None Dare Call it a Neo-Grandfather Clause

The end result of what Scott Walker is trying to get away with in Wisconsin will actually be about as shocking as Amy Winehouse’s ultimate fate – yet all of the fine, upstanding people will act shocked nevertheless.

The Voter ID law passed under Scott Walker’s watchful eye earlier this year, with all due credit to ALEC for their helpful drafting of the legislation for lazy lawmakers.

One Wisconsin Now explains how that impacts voters:

Wisconsin’s population is substantially less likely to have a state-issued identification. Those without state-issued photo identification and who would need to obtain one under the Wisconsin Voter ID bill include:

    • 23 percent of all elderly Wisconsinites over the age of 65
    • 17 percent of white men and women
    • 55 percent of all African American males and 49 percent of African American women
    • 46 percent of Hispanic men and 59% of Hispanic women
    • 78 percent of African American males age 18-24 and 66 percent of African American women age 18-24

[Driver License Status of the Voting Age Population in Wisconsin, 6/05]

Yes, the bill as written does have a provision to provide free identification for some Wisconsinites. Each and every one of these people would have to take the time off (in many cases unpaid) from work or family obligations to flock to Wisconsin DMVs. However, access to the DMV is a problem in Wisconsin; Indiana provides its residents exponentially more access to its Department of Motor Vehicles offices to obtain identification.

That post was written in January. It’s now July, and guess what? Governor Scott Walker, citing budget squeezes, is closing 10 DMV offices throughout the state. But these aren’t just any old DMV offices, no. They’re conveniently located in Democratic districts.


He tries to make ’em go to the DMV, but then he says no, no, no.

And then the law will get up to the Supreme Court where the corporate-owned Antonin Scalia will say: So? So? So?

That frog in the pot is just about done now.

One Response to None Dare Call it a Neo-Grandfather Clause

  1. The folks on our side are too blind to see it since it ain’t happening to them, so they don’t care.

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