The Excellence of the Advocate…Not!

I don’t even know what to say…

Okay, I will say this: Nothing in this post is a slap at Stephanie, but…

The author of the post in question (as with – I believe – everything at TransGriot) is not Stephanie Stevens but Monica Roberts.

Oh, and as for the reference to Ashley Love’s post…

Love also commented that transgender women of color are often targeted in hate violence, so it’s imperative their issues be addressed.

I’m wondering what Ashley will have to say when she learns that (what used to be) The Advocate effectively¬†ascribed only the word “transgender” to this passage:

When the highest number of hate crime murders in the LGBT and transsexual communities are Black or Latina TS or TG women, one would think these groups would be more inclusive and on point, but I guess we are an embarrassment to some.

The (what used to be) The Advocate hack quoted a separate passage of Ashley’s post in which the word “transsexual” appears, but it does seem as if the (what used to be) The Advocate hack is prohibited from using it as his own wording.

20 Responses to The Excellence of the Advocate…Not!

  1. Kathleen says:

    To steal a phrase from Atrios:


    That’s some fine stenography there, Lou.

  2. Teresa Reeves says:

    Amazing, isn’t it after all these years?

    In the 2nd decade of the 21st century the NAACP admits that there are Gay & Lesbian Persons of Color!

    This means that thousands of African, Hispanic, Asian, Pacific Islander and Native American Transgender women have been ignored!

    But Monica Roberts, Antonia D’orsay, and the used-to-be-The Advocate & the GLAAD, GLSEN, the NGL Task Force, NCTE, HRC GL…b….t, etc. Bourgeoisie want you all to know that the NAACP doesn’t need to worry about including Transsexuals.

    Because no African Americans are Transsexuals!
    All Transsexuals are Rich Elitist Separatist White People!
    Even Ashley Love, Janet Mack have been Whited!
    Hispanic & Asian American transsexual women, too!
    It’s apparent that a change of sex causes your skin pigment to change.
    Even me, of Cherokee & Sioux, Native American heritage is now too White to be a POC!
    And all us WWBTs look alike, anyway!
    Particularly, if you are wearing monochromatic glasses.

    Well, it has long been the motto of the UNCF:
    “A mind is a terrible thing to waste.”
    But when it comes to the NAA GayLesbian & Straight CP
    Go ahead and waste Transsexual, Transgender & Bisexual People!
    Y’all can’t tell us apart anyway!

    • And right on cue comes Teresa Ellen Reeves of the WWBT crew sticking her loud and wrong ignorant nose in where it doesn’t belong. …
      The issue is about the erasure from the NAACP panel period, not your White Trans Girls Gone Wild semantics war. So go back to frothing at the mouth about your alleged ‘oppression’ and leave the civil rights work to others

      Bottom line, Renee’s Rule applies ihere. It ain’t about you, so don’t make about WWBT you.

      It is about African American transwomen being erased once again, and this time by one of our legacy organizations

  3. Megan says:

    This isn’t the first time the “Advocate” has had trouble telling trans women apart, either. What a worthless publication.

  4. Teresa Reeves says:

    And right back on cue comes the Malice of the South of Dallas Uber Alice, Monica Roberts who thinks that persons of Native American ancestry don’t qualify as Persons of Color. And some places they still call us Redskins.

    And Ashley Love & Janet Mack are still WWBT according to you.

    But why can’t the Transsexes live in Santa Monica, Texas?
    But my pa is a Cherokee and Obama is part White like me
    And just who are you callin’ WWBT?

    But then only Black people can be “Colored” in the NAABP!

    • Keep proving my point about your vindictive WWBT ignorance Teresa… And oh yeah, don’t you have a GIEC meeting to run?

      Holding up Janet Mack and Ashely Love as examples of your vanilla scented trans separatist viewpoint is what we call in the real world ‘tokenism’ and what I warned Ashely y’all would do to her if she kept handing around your deluded behinds long enough.

      You’re doing just fine proving to the rational half of society just what irrational privilege wielding ubermenschen you are.

      We now return you back to the comment thread Teresa is trying to derail.

  5. Stephanie Stevens says:

    Sounds like Neal Broverman had a massive brain fart. All I know is, don’t blame it on me.

  6. Katrina Rose says:

    Looks like (what used to be) The Advocate corrected the post to reflect the reality of your authorship.


    Find your own movement and leave ours alone….

    Gotta love [I think we all know who] d/b/a “Brian.”

    I love the smell of gay corporatism in the morning…

    …about as much as stepping in something my dog has left behind first thing in the morning.

  7. Hey there,

    I wanted to chime in. I’m the new executive editor, a queer woman of color, and the wife of a transgender person so this stuff is really important to me. Monica, I have to explain. I got the post off the Transgender newsgroup and sent it to Neal with a note that said, get this written up asap, it’s important. We only have one staff person covering all of the web stories (about 24) that go up online on the weekend. Neal saw the posting, that was posted Stephanie, and confused her posting with authorship. I’m partly to blame for not making it clearer in my haste.

    So by the time I heard about the snafu yesterday (I was literally moving into a new apartment all weekend, after 4 weeks in a horrible Motel 6–and I had no wi-fi access and no cell phone #s for staff written down yet) I couldn’t reach anyone to fix it. I don’t know how to change things on the web yet and couldn’t reach Neal until this morning. So first thing this am Neal fixed it and sent an apology letter to Monica and I’m sending notes out to trans and bisexual groups, dozens of people who personally complained to me, and to HRC who reps who reached out to us with concern as well.

    I know it seems like we took too long to get to this but I swear two things: a. If it had been a weekday when staff are working, it would have been remedied within the hour. 2. Comments like the one posted above about trans people getting their own movement do not reflect the Advocate’s perspective. I can’t stop the online readers from commenting and trust me they say very rude things about me too (just ask how many times I’ve been called a fat cow online) because we don’t monitor or moderate the comments. But they don’t reflect how we feel editorially; I know, one of the main reasons I was hired is because of my knowledge and experience with the trans community.

    I may be a bit overwhelmed and slow to react or reply to posts like this but I do care deeply and I want you to feel like The Advocate is your magazine, too, even if idiots say hurtful things in response to our well-intentioned articles.

    Diane Anderson-Minshall

  8. Megan says:

    You offer a lot of excuses, which I have no reason to be invalid, but would it kill you to make an actual apology (making it on Monica Roberts’s own blog would be a nice touch, too) – beyond mentioning some letter that your collaborator sent out? Doing so might help us believe that you really do want us to feel like The Advocate is as much our magazine as it is the cis LG community’s.

    Either that, or drop all pretense and stop covering bi and trans issues at all. (Seriously, you fuck up every single time.) Either way works for me.

  9. Diane, With respect to you and work that you do and knowing that you are an ally. If the advocate actually wanted someone with experience and knowledge of the transgender community, they would have hired a transgender person.
    Much like the panel at the NAACP conference, giving a voice to our community means inviting people from our community to speak on our own behalf.

    • Katrina Rose says:

      If the advocate actually wanted someone with experience and knowledge of the transgender community, they would have hired a transgender person.

      Which reminds me…

      Has (what used to be) The Advocate ever apologized to trans people for running Norah Vincent’s trans-exterminationism piece during Pride week back in 2000?

  10. Megan, I did post an apology to Monica’s site yesterday. It hasn’t been approved by admin.

    Ethan, fair enough. I think the deal is that the Advocate didn’t have any lesbian or bisexual folks at the helm of the magazine and they saw in me both someone who’s been committed to the entire LGBT umbrella for over 20 years and someone who somehow fit into many of those categories at once. The first thing I did was reach out to trans people to get their voices included.


  11. Jacob Anderson-Minshall says:

    Ethan, you’re certainly right that the best way for trans folks to have a voice at The Advocate is for a trans person to write or edit for the magazine.

    On the other hand, as we can see from the disagreements here, just because a trans person is speaking doesn’t mean that in doing so they reflect or represent all or even most of the trans community.

    It’s equally clear that no one here plans to excuse the Advocate from covering trans issues until those stories are written by trans hands.

    And rightly so. The Advocate claims to be an LGBT news magazine, but in the past they haven’t done a good job with LBT coverage.

    I strongly believe that they hope to change that, and I think hiring Diane as their new Executive Editor was a step in that direction.

    It’s true she’s not trans but she is a trans advocate and not just because she’s been married to me for 20+ years and supported my trans journalism (the nationally syndicated TransNation column and KBOO Radio’s Gender Blender radio show). She cares about and tries to stay educated about trans issues.

    But change doesn’t happen overnight. And if you feel that The Advocate’s ignorance of trans issues is somehow systemic, then I believe you must also acknowledge that changing something so institutionalized must take time.

    Diane has been in her position less than a month. She’s trying to not only increase coverage of the trans community but also of lesbians and bisexuals. She can’t do that alone and, at least so far, she hasn’t run into resistance from Advocate staff. In the contrary, they’ve been eager to learn and expand their coverage.

    This weekend was California’s Transgender Leadership Summit. As the opening speaker, Masen Davis, Executive Director of the Transgender Law Center talked about the great acheivements our movement has made in the past ten years. He also talked about our need for allies and said that we need to honor our allies even when they make mistakes, because none of us are perfect.

    I’d add that its a lot harder to keep our allies if we attack them when they screw up but don’t acknowledge when they are taking steps to improve.

    Did the Advocate mess up in attributing the material to the wrong person? Absolutely. Was that gaff unforgiveable? I don’t know. Publications get stuff wrong all the time. TO me it’s not how they mess up that matters most, it’s how they respond to that mess up.

    In the past when the Advocate got something wrong about the trans community, did you immediately hear from an editor?

    By all means, hold Diane accountable. Make sure she does cover trans issues. Pitch her story ideas. Tell her what you’re an expert on so she can contact you for comment on a particular subject. Contact her at Keep her honest and accurate.

    But also give her time to make a difference before you throw in the towel. While web news may be instantaneous, print publications can have a lag time of 1-3 months. So give her a chance. See if the Advocate becomes more representative in three months.


    Jacob Anderson-Minshall

  12. Jason, one of the problems is that the people that ran the Advocate before y’all messed up so frequently, so in your face arrogantly, and didn’t give a rat’s anus what we thought about it is that unfortunately, combined with the transphobia in the comment threads, y’all don’t have a lot of wiggle room with much of the trans community when it comes to making mistakes

    It happens and I understand that, because I’ve made some of my own, and I thank you for the explanation and the apology.

    But the Advocate has a long way to go to regain the trust of the trans community and I hope this is the start of a working partnership that results in better, more accurate coverage for the trans community..

  13. There’s definately a lot to learn about this issue. I really like all
    the points you made.

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