As Well it Should Be

Good news from Michigan:

The recall effort against Rep. Paul Scott, R-Grand Blanc, is officially underway.

The Genesee County Election Commission this morning approved the recall petition’s language, giving organizers the go-ahead to begin collecting signatures, said Doreen Fulcher, Genesee County elections supervisor.

To place the recall on the ballot, organizers will need valid signatures from 25 percent of the number of voters in Scott’s district who voted in the 2010 governor’s election, or 9,604.

You remember Paul the Putz, don’t you? 

The weasely little corporatist turd who, in a state with the worst economy in the country, tried to Sarah Palin his way into the position of Michigan Secretary of State on a specifically anti-transsexual platform (jobs? what are those? who needs such things? I’m a baby lawyer with a starched tie, starched hair and a starched smile; I have millionaire water to carry and funds to hedge) in 2010 but could only manage to get re-elected to a state House seat?

As the Recall Paul Scott facebook page observes:

Paul Scott was elected to his second term as Michigan state representative of the 51st district in 2010 while riding on the coattails of candidate Rick Snyder. As House Education Committee chair Scott has been a massive opponent of teachers and fails to recognize public sector workers as a part of the working class.

He only sees the public sector as a group of individuals who should adhere to his and Snyder’s policies as though they and their legislative colleagues are the board of directors for the corporate Michigan that they envision;

that these individuals have no right to complain about their working conditions, pay, or benefits while handling the public goods and services our tax dollars are supposed to provide for;

that while we pay our taxes for investment in our state services, our services are instead being cut with his full endorsement in favor of investing that money in tax cuts for businesses that make money off our work.

From MLive:

“I’ve been just livid mad when he passed all of this, what I call teacher hate legislation,” said 62-year-old Gary Carnahan, a retired Hartland teacher and Fenton resident who filed the recall language. “This isn’t about the economy, it’s about hating teachers.”

Scott said he’s isn’t going to be intimidated by the effort, which he said is “being conceived by a small number of teacher union activists.”

“I was hired for a two-year job and I’m going to continue doing it to the best of my ability,” he said.

Scott joins a long list of Republican state politicians facing recall efforts, including Gov. Rick Snyder, Senate Majority Leader Randy Richardville, R-Monroe, and House Speaker Jase Bolger, R-Marshall.

Perhaps you better start sucking at some Koch teat, Paul – you know, they way you’ve sucked at Snyder teat:

Scott and Snyder have been particularly close. Scott endorsed Snyder early on in the governor’s race and the two campaigned door-to-door together in Genesee County last year. Snyder is planning to attend a private fundraiser in Flushing next month for Scott’s campaign.

Scott has ignited outrage from educators and the union in recent weeks over his involvement in shaping legislation that will weaken teacher tenure protection.

The bills that passed the Legislature June 30 drastically change the teacher tenure process. The legislation will make teacher evaluations tougher and make it easier to fire teachers deemed ineffective, among other changes.

In response to those reforms, the Michigan Education Association has said they are donating volunteers and money to certain lawmaker recall efforts and may even begin initiating their own recalls.

We all know what Republicans would be doing if the recalls were targeting Democrats – busing people in from out of county, out of state and probably out of country to put fake signatures on the recall petitions.  Don’t do any of that, but please do anything you can to legally aid the recall efforts against these anti-worker, economic treasonmongers.

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  1. Couldn’t happen to a nicer conservanegro

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