At What Point Will CNN Do Something About a Gay Transphobe in its Employ?

Seen recently on Twitter:

First off, I stand by my earlier juxtaposition between Don Lemon and Jack Lemmon – only to the extent that I’d be willing to bet that Don Lemon has less of a clue about what has happened re: trans issues in the last 100 days (much less 100 years) upon which he can base that quip than either of the dogs pictured here.

I know what the pejorative is for an African-American who is perceived to be white on the inside (no, not “Paul Scott,” I mean an older, more generic pejorative.)

I think we need one that covers someone who is purple and yellow on the inside.

4 Responses to At What Point Will CNN Do Something About a Gay Transphobe in its Employ?

  1. I guess then adding that to the effects of Ron Gold, Janice Raymond, and Barney Frank, among other cisGL folk, that puts us at oh… 150 years?

  2. I posted this in response on Joelle’s facebook page but will also address Don Lemon.
    I don’t always agree with Ashley Love but I think that what she did at NAACP conference was very courageous and done with the heart of a true activist. Her actions were no more “crazy” than the actions taken by Dan Choi and others when they chained themselves [spelling correction by Kat] to the W.H. fence.
    Shame on Don Lemon for siding with the NAACP’s choice of exclusion and trying to erase that fact by using Ashley.

    • Katrina Rose says:

      Not only were Ashley’s actions no more crazy than those of Choi, et. al., I’d say they were light-years closer to sanity.

      And even that doesn’t even deal with how necessary her actions were. If she hadn’t said something, who was going to speak up for us? Was Joe Solmonese going to teleport in from Dolce and Gabana Land and do it? Was Lisa Mottet going to swoop in from the irony-deprived Land of Non-Trans People Claiming to be Advocated for Trans People While Holding Jobs That Trans People Need and are Better-Qualified For Than the Non-Trans People Currently Holding Them and attempt to do it?

      There have been instances where I thought that Ashley was a bit off – and there are still some specific things she’s said that I disagree with. However, I’m at the point of needing to apologize for thinking Ashley was off to any degree. So, Ashley, consider this an apology – but with a lil’ piece of advice from someone who’s been at this since 1996. You’re not off, but I think that sometimes you get a bit over-exuberant and perhaps hit the ENTER key a bit too quickly. Sometimes taking a deep breath is warranted – but, likewise, sometimes taking direct, immediate action is necessary. The trick is learning which sort of situation is which – and anyone who says you made the wrong decision at the NAACP panel is full of privileged shit.

  3. Tom Lang says:

    I agree with Ethan. This was pretty heroic. And what Ashley did, EVERYONE should have the courage to do when discrimination against, attacking of, erasing of , or dehumanizing of any of us occurs!

    How many times have you said, “oh I wished I had stood up and done something…”??? God knows I have said that to myself and work hard to not have to say it again.

    Ashley Love didn’t have to wonder what “would have happened” if she had only acted. She ACTED!

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