Well Then, What Are All of the Comments About The Boner’s Fake Tan?

Presumably this will be the exception that proves the rulre re: Crooks and Liars.

Analyzing remarks by lower-my-taxes-even-if-it-destroys-the-world psychopath Judson Phillips, John Amato had this to say:

[O]n Fox Business [Phillips] was asked to comment on a report wherein Nancy Pelosi said this:

“What we’re trying to do is save the world from the Republican budget . . . We’re trying to save life on this planet as we know it today.”

A bit of hyperbole to be sure, but if the GOP did implement their plans of a balanced budget amendment, the working class in America will surely suffer great harm.

So instead of just responding like an adult, he attacked Nancy Pelosi in a typical conservative ad hominem and misogynistic way.

Phillips: “I Think It’s Clear The Botox Has Gotten To Her”

Odious is as odious does.

Ad hominem?  Yes.

But misogynistic?

Well, if that is the case for those remarks about the former Speaker of the House, then how does one classify all of the remarks by people of all sexes, genders, et. al., regarding the not-to-be-found-in-nature skintone of the current Speaker of the House?

Sorry John, but…


One Response to Well Then, What Are All of the Comments About The Boner’s Fake Tan?

  1. It’s been upsetting the extent to which people I generally admire have decided to police the speaker’s gender presentation instead of calling him a rudderless, heartless, gutless, brainless, talking-point spewing bully of a speaker playing chicken with American lives.

    Nah, I guess jokes about him crying and using spray tan have more resonance.

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