The New Trans-Silencing

Lets see…

First, at Pam’s House Blah, Kathleen gets erased (by someone now proven to be a Gay, Inc. sockpuppet who does not operate in the best interests of trans people) for merely asking an abstract question.

Then I get banned there for reporting here about what happened there.

Then I get banned there again for making a non-statement protesting that site’s ban on blanket statements even when they are applicable.

And then there’s….

No, not Maude, but rather Bilerico.  The following transpired in the comments to a post about christianist conservafembot scam artist Ann Coulter:

That was a screenshot of the relevant portion of the page as of 11:30 PM CDT last night.


This comment by Kathy (she made others that weren’t erased) – a simple abstract query as to whether she should respond to with fag jokes to Ted Hayes’ him-ing of Ann Coulter – came only four minutes after Ted’s consecration that Ann Coulter is a man. However, over the course of the next 15 hours and 45 minutes, only trans woman Kathy’s response to Ted the gay man’s slur had been removed.

At 7:03 PM, Om Kalthoum observed:

“…personal attacks will not be tolerated. Please be respectful of others.”

Okay, so how is Kathy’s “joking” threat to tell a fag joke a violation of the TOS and the poster’s calling a woman a man okay? Quite the double standard, I’d say.

Well, its an InsidersOut blog.  The dignity of all that is gay must be defended at all costs – including the diminishment of anything that might possibly be trans. (And I’m left wondering why Om’s “fag”-quoting reference to the remark hasn’t been erased also.)

A comment at 9:14 AM today – well over a full day after the initial remark appeared – commemorated the belated deletion of that initial remark by Ted Hayes.  The fact that the 9:14 comment came from a trans woman is, and even by that point already had become, long since irrelevant.  Justice delayed is incrementalism orthodoxy enforced.


And I won’t even mention gay apologism:

…followed by:

…followed by the obligatory pill from bil:

Let’s be clear – if you had someone jump up and crash a panel you were moderating, who spouts a bunch of ridiculous charges about things he’d supposedly done (he hadn’t)….

3 Responses to The New Trans-Silencing

  1. Kathleen says:

    Odd, isn’t it? The purported deleting person doesn’t respond to my questions, contact me or respond to the other trans person who was the first to comment on the inappropriate deletion – but to the third person to question the action – a gay guy – and then puts quotes around even his correctly pointing out the “trans joke” every else saw clearly.

    Kinda hard to understand any trans woman not being familiar with Ann Coulter “trans jokes” – only reams of arguments about that everywhere in the innertubes – including Bilerico.

    But there, you “reportedly” have it.

  2. Bilerico: Whether cis gays, cis lesbians, trans men, or the desperate HBS or WBT or whatever the fuck they’re calling themselves, will somehow make Rep. Frank hate them less… We’re a home for for trans-misogynists of every stripe!*

    *except straight cis guys.

  3. What the fuck is Bil’s problem? Did he castigate those who go around sprinkling glitter? No, once again, he shows his misogyny. Ashley was invited there from what I understand and but even if she wasn’t, she was fighting for inclusion of the excluded. Bil is really starting to lose all kinds of respect from me.

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