None Dare Call it the Rank, Putrid, Malignant Greed of the Marriage Derangement Syndrome-Infected

At HuffPo, Darren Hutchinson asks:

Who Cares About LGBT Workers?

The general thrust of the piece is admirable:

Although LGBT workers remain vulnerable to discrimination across the nation, ENDA has not received much attention from the media and from many groups that advocate for LGBT rights. Instead, same-sex marriage and the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell have occupied most of the recent headlines and have dominated the contemporary advocacy of many LGBT social movement organizations.

Logically, if same-sex marriage and the repeal of DADT are valuable elements of LGBT rights, then ENDA is equally (or even possibly more) valuable. Nevertheless, it remains on the back burner.

The problem, however, is that he apparently doesn’t really want to answer his own questions.  For example:

If employment issues are so important to LGBT individuals, why do social movement organizations that advocate LGBT rights spend so much of their time on marriage and military concerns? If workers are afraid of being openly gay or lesbian, then a formal same-sex marriage might not look attractive to them.

Oh, make no mistake.  The second sentence of that passage is a real-world answer to the question he posed…

or, well, it is part of the answer.

The lack of attention to employment discrimination could also result because many of the people who run mainstream LGBT social movement organizations live in jurisdictions that prohibit sexual orientation and gender identity discrimination by employers. Because they are not vulnerable in their own workplaces, this issue may seem less important to them.

Furthermore, as LGBT critics have long observed, many of the people who direct the advocacy of LGBT social movement organizations have relative privilege in society (based on gender, race and class). Consequently, they might not have to worry about job losses as much as more vulnerable persons within the population of LGBT individuals.

Okay, that’s a bit more of the answer: the mental rot that has set into Gay, Inc., regarding the real problems faced by real working-class people in real portions of the nation.

The problem, however, is that rot isn’t sedentary.  Yes, when you find a piece of wood that has rotted to its core nothing looks active; it just is rotten.

But the termites were there – and are still lurking in other, less-obviously-rotten pieces of wood.

Class issues matter for LGBT individuals. Economic concerns exist outside of marriage. And job security is a concern for civilian LGBT workers.

A nice concise statement, but that still does not get to the core of what has caused Gay, Inc. to throw non-coupled LGB individuals, non-militaristic LGBs and all working-class LGBs under its purple-and-yellow bus right along with the trans people wh owere already there.


A rank, putrid, malignant greed that, in any reality-based analysis, will show Gay, Inc., to now have more in common with the Tea Party congressional caucus’s attitude toward working-class humanity than with those who Gay, Inc. represents itself to the public as working on behalf of.

Be honest with yourselves…

Who would you trust more: John Boehner telling you why his skin looks that color or Hilary Rosen telling you anything about anything?  Eric Cantor telling you about the economy or Joe Solmonese telling you anything about anything?  Fox ‘News’ coverage of anything about President Obama or any ‘official’ LGB(t) blog claiming to not have a gay-marriage-is-all-that-really-matters agenda?

None dare call it rank, putrid, malignant greed.

Planet of the Apes?

If Hollywood wants a real (non-remake) horror flick, try making Civil Rights Movement of the Marriage Derangement Syndrome-Infected.

If that’s too long of a title, try: 42 Years Later.

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  1. Thanks for that awesome posting. It saved MUCH time 🙂

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