Janice Raymondism is Alive and Well and Trolling at the Baltimore Sun

A fairly straightforward article in the Baltimore Sun about one of Chrissy Polis’s murderer-wannabees pleading to an assault (with hate crime) charge:

A teenager whose beating of a transgender woman at aRosedale McDonald’s was captured on a video that went viral online pleaded guilty Thursday to the attack.

Teonna Monae Brown, 19, pleaded guilty in a Baltimore County court to one court of first-degree assault and one count of a hate crime in the attack on Chrissy Polis, 22, said Baltimore County State’s Attorney Scott Shellenberger.

Prosecutors expect to seek a prison term of five years when Brown is sentenced next month.

A few commenters expressed dismay that Brown might get off with as little as five years,

But, as you might imagine, a few others seemed ready to equate Teonna Monae Brown to Sacco & Vanzetti:

Uh huh…

Nice racism feint there “CityResident1,” but I think most of us have a pretty strong suspicion as to who might actually take the side of of someone who tries to kill a trans woman when the venue of such an attack involves a women’s restroom (speaking of which…where is my can of Raid?).  Nevertheless, “CityResident1” wasn’t alone:

Send appropriate ‘thank you’s to Maury Povich, Jerry Springer, et. al., for their decades of exploitation.

14 Responses to Janice Raymondism is Alive and Well and Trolling at the Baltimore Sun

  1. Kathleen says:

    Say – how does voyeurism work in a single person restroom?


  2. friday jones says:

    Speaking of Janice Raymondism, guess what our old pall Cathy “Lurleen” Brennan has been up to:

    • Katrina Rose says:

      There’s actually never been any evidence that she is not a trans-exterminationist.

      My only shock has been at the (admittedly small, yet still shocking given that it is higher than zero) number of people who, even after being presented with the historical record of what she is an what she has done, seem to think that she is either sane or a friend to trans people (or both.)

    • bugbrennan says:

      Yes. A smoking gun. Have you not been paying attention?

      Gender identity is a conservative concept. And it is misogynist. Catch up please!

  3. bugbrennan says:

    You are silly. I oppose all hate crimes legislation on any basis. See http://www.baltimoreoutloud.com/k2-fetch-latest/thinking-outloud/opinion/item/643-group-protection-vs-individual-rights. And I post as meeee so it is easier for you people to stalk me.

    And yes, Raid, I am a bug, I get it. A ha ha!

    What amazes me is that people think you are a friend to women, Katrina! Or to lesbians!

  4. […] I, however, recommend Cristan’s analysis of not only that but also so much more.  I do recommend bringing along a copious supply of D-Con and Raid. […]

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