From Duncan Osborne at Gay City News:

Gov. Andrew Cuomo was masterful heading a coalition that included the Empire State Pride Agenda, New York’s largest gay lobby, the Human Rights Campaign, the nation’s largest gay lobby, Freedom to Marry, the Log Cabin Republicans, and Marriage Equality New York. Those five groups, organized as New Yorkers United for Marriage, lobbied, canvassed, called, and direct mailed their way to an impressive win.

Organized labor, the city and state bar associations, religious groups, AIDS groups, and other civic organizations pitched in. We will never know all the names and contributions of the countless gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and straight New Yorkers who joined us in this struggle. But this battle never would have been won without them.

And then there are the four Republican state senators who stood with us — Mark Grisanti, Stephen Saland, Roy McDonald, and James Alesi. They put us over the top, but this is where the celebration gets a little quiet. As Andy Humm reports in this issue, progressives are already asking about the price the community may have paid for their support. The suspicion is that a deal was made to win those votes, and that could cost us progressives other items on their agenda by keeping Republicans in charge of the state Senate. That is a reasonable concern and it deserves an answer from the Cuomo administration. We have not heard that answer yet.

Is there some bargain here?

[W]e should be asking ourselves if we have closed some deal in our hearts and heads with the enactment of marriage equality here in New York. We have a state law banning job discrimination based on sexual orientation. We are included in New York’s hate crimes law. Now we have marriage. And we have other laws that protect us. Have some of us said “We’re done?” Have some of us decided that aiding our transgender brothers and sisters is not our job?


While I do appreciate that GCN is willing to deal to any degree with the reality of how New York’s gay elite fucked trans people out of SONDA and then – as all of us with functioning brains knew would occur – moved directly on to gay marriage rather than the rectification of that gay-consecrated, anti-trans hate crime of 2002, I am concerned about his use of “some of us.”

Does he really believe that it is only a handful of the elitest of the elite?  Does he not get that the elitest of the elite have poisoned not only current discourse but also the historical record to such an extent that some people who actually give a damn about trans people believe that ‘incremental progress’ not only isn’t a lie but is actually necessary and proper?

And does he really believe that any of the gay politicofinancial forces that came out of the gay woodwork to ramrod gay marriage through in New York will ever do anything to rectify New York’s gay-consecrated, anti-trans hate crime of 2002?

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