Everything That’s Old is Shrew Again

A commenter at Bilerico pondered:

I’d really like to see a list of radfem arguments against transpeople alongside mainstream culture’s arguments against transpeople.

I wouldn’t be even remotely surprised if they were identical to the letter.

From the March 30, 1974 issue of Boston’s Gay Community News:

No, its not exactly a point-by-point comparison between mainstream transphobia and Raymond-Daly-Vincent-Brennan exterminationism, but that’s in no small part because it predates the legitimization of Janice Raymond by not only the mainstream press but also – irrespective of how much it may want to pretend it had no role – proto-Gay, Inc.

And, it was published in Boston…



Trans women standing up to gay transphobia…



Where  many trans people stood up to the rigidity of the Johns Hopkins program, sadly allowing Meyer and Reter to concoct their anti-transsexual ‘study’ based on a sample that did not include those who left the program and succeeded on their own – a study that then became the propagndistic bed buddy of The Transsexual Empire, decanted by Janice Raymond…

of Massachusetts…

Why is it that so much historical hatred of transsexual women (and men, but you know that the exterminationists have always rationalized a tolerance of trans men, albeit usually a tolerance that rhetorically de-sexes them) – so much current deranged desire by certain lesbians (and gay men) to maintain their special right to discriminate against all trans people (and now apparently to re-animate that ‘right’ in states that have seen fit to have the temerity to legally declare that people of transsexual history as well as folks who are trans-whatever are as human as the most rabidly transphobic psychopaths that lesbian and gay political subculture can produce) – emanates from these two states that mainstream America presumes to be so liberal?



…females as well as trans folx



Elizabeth Hungerford is listed as a lawyer and lesbian activist in Massachusetts…

Undercover Punk?

More like undercover skunk.

5 Responses to Everything That’s Old is Shrew Again

  1. Kathleen says:

    plus ça change

    Trans issues have been called new by some in the g&l community for going on forty years (likely longer) as a means of undermining addressing trans discrimination and violence.

    The people reading that article when it was published as young adults are likely now old enough to have great grandkids by now.

    • Katrina Rose says:

      The people reading that article when it was published as young adults are likely now old enough to have great grandkids by now

      Not to mention being fully vested in the retirement plans at a gay ‘civil rights’ organization that was only one year old at that time.

  2. [REDACTED BY EDITOR 9/15/11]

    Elizabeth Hungerford IP address she spends time sending out vile letters to the UN is XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX corporation


    Who’s web site is…


  3. Doreen says:

    Do you really think it is healthy to spend hours ruminating over a piece that appeared in a small, local gay paper 37 years ago? You seem neurotically obsessed with writing about how oppressed you are, especially by gay people. Gay people don’t hold the key to your happiness in life. You can rail against them all you like, but you are only hurting yourself.

    As far as the arguments above equating hetero anti-gay arguments with gay anti-trans arguments, you miss a critical difference. Gay people did not demand that straights re-name themselves so as to identify themselves with gays, force straights involuntarily into the gay movement, or demand that straights give top priority in all things to the needs of gays. That would have been destructive and obnoxious and would have resulted in hostility and resentment. Too bad trans people didn’t have the same common sense when they concocted and imposed LGBT onto gays. So long as this hegemony exists, you should get no assistance, no empathy, and no benefit from gays.

    The comment before mine is a clear invitation to harass one of the authors at work. You should delete it. There has apparently been at least one threatening comment on a “trans” blog that has made the mainstream media and embarrassed your movement. I doubt if your site to become known as a springboard from which harassment and intimidation campaigns are launched.

    • Katrina Rose says:

      I’m always suspicious of calls to ignore history – particularly when ignoring it would appear to be of benefit to the party calling for the ignoring.

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