That Sound You Heard Was Joan of Shark and all of the Trans-Exterminationists Having a Mass Propagandorgasm

Unfortunately, two people who have the right to be angry about the call by overpaid, overprivileged lesbian trans-exterminationists to erase our existing civil rights went too far and handed the most obnoxious (and likely mentally ill) of the exterminationists – someone who has long-championed legal apartheid for all trans people and refuses to address the reality that her legal theories have more holes than an ass factory – a permanent free pass to claim victimhood (that whole deal of claiming that being presented with your own words in context is a “stacked deck” probably didn’t even fly within the trans-exterminationist set, eh?).

6 Responses to That Sound You Heard Was Joan of Shark and all of the Trans-Exterminationists Having a Mass Propagandorgasm

  1. Kathleen says:

    The language used in the title – I haven’t yet read the article – is misogynistic. It also is insulting to the person it refers to and could arguably be considered to misgender her given the definitions for the word being something men do to women.

    The authors should take it down and address the issue. This type of language is rightly denounced.

  2. Yeah… Monica is… well… I have issues with her representations of certain societal phenomena… this is the woman who said that left wing critics of the president (Name me three more prominent than Bernie Sanders, Paul Krugman, and Emmanuel Cleaver) are really just being racist…

    So by calling those on the left who criticize the most pro-trans president ever, the one who passed half-a-stimulus, half a health care bill, and left Guantanamo open, racist, without deliniating or naming names, she’s now implied Emmanuel Cleaver, head of the Congressional Black Caucus, is criticizing the president from the left because he’s a racist. (Oh don’t forget Raul Grijalva too.)

    Anyway, that’s near the last I’ll say on this subject other than we have a responsibility as activists to call out irresponsible language, which is already known.

    If someone’s using phobic language, call them on it.

    If someone’s using violent rhetoric unworthy of a civil rights struggle, call them on it.

    If someone degenders a woman or man based on inconsistent gender presentation: Call them out. Do it publicly. Refuse to serve with them… don’t make excuses because, “they’re such a good activist.”

    Nobody who does these sort of things, who lives in their own professional echo chamber, as we’ve seen from HRC and EMaryland is a good activist or a good ally… and yeah, it’s not cis people who are cissexist we’re fighting against. It’s cissexism and those who legitimate it.

  3. Valerie, my blog is written from the perspective of an African American and I’m not backing down from that. In our eyes, there ARE people on the left whose criticism of President Obama IS motivated by race.

    It’s not just my opinion. It’s an opinion BTW shared by many in the African American community

    But back to the issue at hand Was I pissed about Brennan’s

    UN paper. Damned right because her BS is potentially going to affect transpeople around the globe, and the ones it will really hurt are the ones taking the brunt of the anti- trans hate casualties now.

    Was the other person in question pissed off at Brennan? If you found out that person cyberstalked you, called your job and tried to get you terminated from it for simply eviscerating her jacked up arguments in an online discussion, wouldn’t you still be more than a little upset about that every time you saw her name pop up?

    So yeah..the comment by that other person was over the top. But in the wake of two transpeople of color being killed, being dissed by the NAACP, another being shot at earlier this week and today being the 16th anniversary of the death of Tyra Hunter dying due to medical malpractice, you think I’m not angry about my people taking the brunt of anti-trans oppression?

    No I’m not gonna make nice with anti trans oppressors inside or outside this community.

    • Emmanuel Cleaver… I will repeat his name until you name specific persons…

      You fail to address the fact that most critiques of prominence from the left are made from a valid perspective. Go on, touch on specific leftist individuals who are making this critique from a racist perspective… those racists who use the fact that Guantanamo is still open, I want to hear them.

      Her paper will hurt people, yes, but less than it would’ve in 1981 instead of 2011 because this kind of essentialism is pre-discreditited. That doesn’t validate violent rhetoric.

      You want to talk about cyberstalking, go on and search “Valerie Keefe” + Dirt and see if there isn’t some serious evil going on.

      You can’t use 2 of 2-7 million people being killed as your excuse to engage in a violent rhetoric spree… you can’t use Mr. Lemon as a reason to go after radicalfeminists, and ultimately, you can’t lay the road a pipe-wielding mob will walk on upon the bodies of dead trans womyn.

      You are hereby no-platformed by me and the womyn I call my friends until such time as you apologize for instead of attempt to justify your actions.

  4. You are hereby no-platformed by me and the womyn I call my friends until such time as you apologize for instead of attempt to justify your actions.

    Wow, I just stepped into Bizzaro world.

    Valerie, that’s some serious WP there you just unleashed and you may need to check yourself.

    I don’t have anything to apologize for. You’ll get an apology from me for something I didn’t say when I receive a check in the mail from the feds for that 246 years of unpaid labor my ancestors did for free.

    • Well, let’s see… am I in favour of reparations? Yes. Undoubtedly… Though as a Canadian, it’s not my call. I focus on agreements that respect the inherent, and fungible, sovereignty of aboriginal tribes in a Nation State that inherited the assets and liabilities of the British Crown…

      These are responsibilities of governments, unless of course, you expect that I am going to pay the aforementioned bill with the cheque due from the genocide committed against Irish men and women in the 1800s. It’s pretty erasing to lump Armenians in with Irish in with Croatians in with Germans in with Brits.

      But please, quote the relevant sections wherein I employ WP. I’m interested to know how showing a black woman who identifies with the unique species of WBT erasure constitutes white privilege. I’m interested to know. Of course, it’s not your job to educate me, but then, I approach this in a spirit of dialogue.

      And something you didn’t say? I have a pretty significant body of links that seem to demonstrate that you did indeed say these things. Not every cisGL assimilationist is white, for example. Emmanuel Cleaver is not acting from a place of racism, for example, nor is he a closeted Clintonite, nor is every cisGLB person assimilationist, nor do I fail to hear or call out busted rhetoric from Taylor Black, cis, white, male queer commentator who is definitely not ‘Vanilla.’

      Sometimes trans people replicate cissexism. Sometimes black people replicate racist cultural artifacts… but this evaluation of political history is unacceptable to you. Everyone who hates you as a trans woman HAS to hate you as a black woman… Why? I honestly don’t know. It’s your construction of conflict in the Western World.

      Not everybody who thinks you are deeply painfully wrong, and yet good and smart enough to admit it, is your enemy.

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