The Typical Houston Chronicle Conserva-Slant

Who needs Rupert Murdoch when there’s the Houston Chronk, making this declaration about Rick the Prick’s de facto call to de-citizen-ize any who refuse to submit to (whatever he and his horde define as on any given day) christianity:

Sets politics aside, eh?

So the mere fact that an elected official who (falsely it would seem) swore an oath of allegiance to regard secular law as the supreme law of the land would appear at  such an event and declare (slanderously as well as ahistorically) that America is a christian nation isn’t political?

Who much did Rick the Prick pay you for that slant, eh Chronk?

Barry W. Lynn, an ordained United Church of Christ minister and executive director of Citizens United for Separation of Church and State, was inside the stadium. He said he believed Perry was trying to “out-Jesus” Michelle Bachmann and Newt Gingrich, two declared candidates who are making overtures to the religious right.

“Governor Perry achieved his goal today,” Lynn said. “He drove almost every major religious right leader and group into his corral. If he decides to run for president, the Perry brand will be everywhere he wants it to be.”

That’s 18 paragraphs in. 

What percentage of FOX-addled, Snooki-legitimizing, brain-mush America has an attention span that long?

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