Trans-Exterminationist Lesbians Using the Right-Wing Lexicon to Advocate for Elimination of Trans People’s Civil Rights

Someone bravely hiding behind the name “DavinaSquirrel” makes this assertion in the comments section at the Louisville Courier-Journal:

“reasoned and measured,” eh?

Nicely undefinable words from people feigning concern about terms that actually are defined, but simply in ways that they don’t like because of the howwibul, howwibul, howwibul, howwibul end result of women of trans history being equal to all other women under the law.

More importantly, though…

How many rounds of testimony in favor of anti-gay laws by christofascists do not contain language either substantively equal to or precisely the same as “reasoned and measured” as a descriptor of the proposal(s) that will make certain oppressed people less equal under the law?

If you hop into bed with bugs, you can’t be shocked when you discover that your civil rights are infected with West Nile, Ebola and meningitis.

9 Responses to Trans-Exterminationist Lesbians Using the Right-Wing Lexicon to Advocate for Elimination of Trans People’s Civil Rights

  1. “What the authors got back from the trans* and certain segments of the LGBT community were death threats such as these.”

    Uh-huuuuh. Let’s see: two trans-folk swap jokes on-line regarding violence against one of the authors, in an exercise in bad taste and poor judgment. So now it’s time to play an old, old, game:

    “There was a {member of community X} once who… and it just goes to show!”

    Yah, {member of community X}s… they’re all the same. Pretty much identical, in fact, like peas in a pod.

    Isn’t that why they call it a “community”?

    • Katrina Rose says:

      There once was an old, obnoxious, transphobic lesbian from Nantucket (or somewhere in Massachusetts anway)….

      • It’s… a… TRAP!

        … straining… to retain… control… of musi-poeticomedic imp-ulse…


        There was an old maid at the Bar,
        Whose reasoning spread wide and far,
        She published discreetly
        And yet failed so completely
        Doctors saved her brain cells in a jar.†

        Ahem. Well, you should know, Katrina, that it’s not quite polite to offer such tempting bait to me, right? That’s just too close to Judge Doom‘s provocation: tap-tap tap-tap-tap … “Shave and a haircut!”

        But anyway, I think it would be just peachy if we could somehow have truly safe, individual bathroom spaces for all. I just don’t think how we can afford the cost!

        Personally, I tend to think that having a gender marker based on stable individual gender identification on one’s Official Gubmint ID as qualification for access to M/F segregated restrooms might work, and partially satisfy many interested parties — especially the cis-gendered super-majority —, to the perfect satisfaction of… none. (This would no doubt be proclaimed as a True Horror by gender revolutionaries, some of the genderqueer, and especially the “genderfluid”. And who knows, maybe they would be in the right?)

        But then again, I Am Not A Lawyer, am a meliorist, a wanna-be realist, a pathetic appeaser of Gender Fascism, etc. YMWV.

        -bonzie anne

        † One may find odd the notion, that neuroscientists might seek to study for signs of abnormalities the brains of those exhibiting a peculiar liability to certain forms of defective reasoning,‡ but I feel certain that only a lack of funding and scientific talent prohibits such research.

        ‡ I hadn’t thought of this… perhaps I should donate my brain to science? Time for a BIG THINK…

  2. […] I can imagine someone viewing it as “reasoned and measured” anyway: The small print in The Breast and […]

  3. libhomo says:

    The weirdest part of this is that restroom arguments have been used for decades to fight against civil rights for cis women.

    • Katrina Rose says:

      There you go – making sense.

      That’ll just get you labled a misogynist by the trans-exterminationist crowd.

  4. Kathleen says:

    Kinda smells of the arguments used by cons and con religious folx that gay marriage hurts real marriage by its mere existence.

    • Katrina Rose says:

      I wonder how many different screennames posting comments at the C-J are emanating from the same IP address – either that of Cambridge, Massachusetts entity Senior Whole Health, LLC or of the Maryland law firm Hudson-Cook?

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