I’ve Been Telling You So

Seen recently on Facebook:

Seen in the  recent past on ENDABlog, TransAdvocate and other non-Marriage-Derangement-Syndrome outlets:

Any questions?

[UPDATED – 8/17/2011, 08:56 CDT]

No, not with any question(s), but with an answer – from one of many people who a Gay, Inc., that actually gave 1/10000th of a fuck about the lives and rights of trans people would have lavished job offers on, but, well, you know…

On the same Facebook thread on which Sklarz appears to have had an epihpany, Vanessa Edwards Foster writes:

You didn’t see this coming. Perhaps I’ve been considered a hard-ass in this, the era of the Keisling, but there’s a reason. I learned this about HRC in the late 90’s independently, then as the “unifying” effect (of the gay/lesbian community) went forward (again thanks to Mara who chastised us for trying to play divide & conquer with G&L’s as adversarial), we’ve now seen a full decade of our own strategy back in early NTAC now applied to the T community for a decade.

It’s worked marvelously for them: we’re irreparably fractured as never before in the past 15 yrs., they’re marching on with their own personal agenda with zero regard for us and they’ve successfully discovered that we T folks are desparate ($$$ disparate) and there will always be separable folks in our ranks who will do their advocacy & promotion to us and the world for a few sheckels. This gets those separable few some special favors (invites to things) and whatever spare benefits they deign to brush off the table in their general direction while they play their “house trannie” to pull out and validate their own “inclusivity” (a laughable farce) and keep the rest of us at bay, squelched and power-stripped here in poverty-land. And if these chosen folks decide they’re pissed at their G&L handlers, well, they’ll simply threaten to toss them to live with the rest of us here in powerless poverty-land, while they select another unaware and eager recruit to be the next “trans leader handpicked by Gay Inc.” (our alleged overseers in this unofficial coup and unconditional surrender). This overall gameplan has been evident for many years.

In short, they realize we’ll never stick together and unify. Game over.

Ah yes, but didn’t HRC’s hire of Alyson Robinson prove that Gay, Inc., really doesn’t want to see us all swinging from poplar trees?

Hasn’t NGLTF’s decade-long employment of a trans-expert – who isn’t trans – proven that that Gay, Inc., will at least take time out to cut us down from the poplar trees when they stumble upon our hanging remains while tweaking and fucking in the park?

Didn’t Lambda Legal’s hire of Cole Thaler prove that Gay, Inc., really doesn’t discriminate against trans people in its hiring practices?

Hasn’t Tom Duane’s decade of blubbering proven that NY’s Gay, Inc., really does view trans people to be equal to gays?

11 Responses to I’ve Been Telling You So

  1. Kathleen says:

    Hmmm….How can there be MORE gay marriage in NY after its already been passed? What exactly is considered more important than basic nondiscrimination rights?

    Is it (as in MA) passing recognition of out of state marriages? I think NY already has that.

    I’d be interested in finding out what other marriage issues the NY Statehouse can work on.

    • Katrina Rose says:

      I’m sure they need to find a way for Anderson Cooper to get married without there being any public record of it, so Little Gay Lord Vanderbilt can still pretend to be straight for the half-dozen or so CNN viewers who don’t already presume that he’s gay.

      • Stephanie Stevens says:

        AC is … what? I’m shocked! So that makes what? … seven of us … at least …

        who don’t watch CNN. 😉

        I grew up there and came of age back when … and the more things are the same, the more things stay the same …

    • Repeal of DOMA is top priority. Second is helping Marriage Equality pass in Maryland and other NE states.Third is buttressing GLB rights to march in the St Patricks Day Parade and generally filling in the gaps.

      Trans issues? Not on the agenda.

      This isn’t exactly a secret.

      • Katrina Rose says:

        Yes, but it is distressing how many people in 2011 actually are shocked (as opposed to feigning shock) when the agenda is laid bare as it was at the meeting attended by Sklarz.

  2. Yeah… EGALE in Canada, which my ex is on the board of, doing nothing about trans access to front-line medicine, while they were flying a couple of Russian women to Canada to get married and engaging in a campaign against the use of gay slurs in Reggae music…

    We need an organization that says: Basic medicine first. Just like the cis women’s movement did when fighting for abortion access in the 60s and 70s. And public accommodations in the same breath, and then we can start worrying about all the other, more important, but more systemic and less simple policies, instead of two trans groups, one being an extension of Gay Inc and one being the all-scalpel-all-the-time channel… and trust me, if you get single payer in the US, that’s what the split will be. It will be classist, and it will marginalize a lot of trans people.

  3. Valerie,
    Problem with the ‘medical first’ approach in the States is that you need a J-O-B first to get access to health insurance and medical care in the USA.

    So yes, airtight human rights protection for trans people not based on a genitalia=gender model is paramount along with passage of an ENDA that secures our job rights.

    The medical issues aren’t even on the table until we deal with the JOBS, JOBS JOBS one first..

    • And now we’re into chicken-egg problems. It’s sad but true: $22 a month for spironolactone from inhouse pharmacy will prevent more job discrimination for working-class trans people who already don’t know their rights than ENDA ever will. I’ve had four jobs end in constructive dismissal. I only found the time and the temerity to challenge one of them, and I’m pretty well-read on this sort of thing.

      Having a mandatory RLT before hormones or counselling period would have cost me years of entry-level employment (my best year was $28K, pretty good for someone with 3/4’s of an economics degree and a willingness to work 11 hour overnights), which is a lot more expensive than what HRT would cost me in that same time.

      We need HRT on demand, first, and addressing the inequities of capitalism later, not because the former is more important, but because sometimes it’s more important to pluck the low-hanging fruit and reclaim bodily dignity. And you’re talking to someone who has bought spironolactone for people online before so that they could afford to start transition. We as a community will find the solidarity to cover that $60 or so a month that HRT costs. Informed consent clinics from San Francisco to Norfolk manage to do the same.

  4. friday jones says:

    Oh, is Inhouse shipping again? I actually went off ‘mones last year because they had a notice on their site saying they weren’t shipping to the USA anymore. 😦

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