Why Oppressors Hate the Concept of History

From Crooks and Liars:

Thomas Frank predicts much of what happened to Obama in interview with Amy Goodman back in August of 2008 because he understood their bag of tricks as well as anyone ever has, especially on deficit spending:

But the most insidious one, the most insidious scheme for permanence, the one that really strikes me, is the use of deficit spending by the right. OK, now, I don’t have a problem with deficit spending. You know, it’s — liberals have used it for decades very effectively. You know, it’s — if you’re a Keynesian — you know, it’s one of the tools that you use to, say, you know, get the country out of a recession or, you know, build low-income housing, or whatever it is that you want to do with the state, right? So, but the conservatives got into power in the early 1980s, and they’re handed this tool, the big old — you know, the power tool of deficit spending, and I’ll be damned, they run that sucker right into the ground, you know, and pile up the biggest deficit anyone has ever seen, short of, you know, World War II.

And what that does, that leaves the next administration to come along, which happened to be Bill Clinton, leaves him with this colossal Everest of debt that he has to deal with.

Sound familiar? This isn’t a defense of Obama’s decisions or actions, but a reminder what many of us talked about during the 2008 election. This is why history matters so much in politics, but it’s something that the beltway media ignores as much as they can:

He was going to do this; he was going to do that. And there’s this very famous moment where his advisers sat him down in ’92, before he was sworn in, and told him, you know, “I’m sorry, you’re not going to be able to do any of those things, because the deficit is so huge that the only thing you’re going to be able to do as president, the only economic policy you’re going to be allowed to have, structurally permitted to have, is deficit reduction.” And we know about this, because then Clinton went on one of his famous, you know, tirades. He exploded in rage, you know. And anyhow, so — and now, look at Bush, doing the same thing, right? So even if Obama does get in, he’s not going to have any room to move, in terms of a progressive social agenda, you know.

The Birchers became a powerful influence in the GOP during Barry Goldwater’s rise to popularity, but was ultimately defeated for the soul of the far right by the NRO’s William Buckley, who feared that their lunatic beliefs would destroy the momentum that conservatism was gaining. Now that Rick Perry has entered the race, Robert Welsh’s insane far-right paranoid beliefs have a new transmitter to the masses and even if he fails to win the nomination or be asked to be the VP, he’ll do considerable damage to many Americans belief system.

Republiconartists hate history, because if you spend more than a few seconds reminding yourself about who has actually done what to America you realize just how fake their smiles really are and how little intention they have of ever allowing you any opportunity to earn for your self what they’ve stolen.

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