2011…Its So 1998

From the Dallas Voice, a report of typical election-year stupidity:

Gay Democratic leaders in Texas fear that if Rick Perry becomes president, it would be a “major step back” for LGBT equality.

But the president of the Dallas chapter of Log Cabin Republicans indicated that the gay GOP group would support Perry if he wins the party’s nomination.

Rob Schlein, president of Log Cabin Republicans Dallas, said the group likely will back the GOP nominee whoever it is.

“Rick Perry has been less of a friend to the LGBT community than we’d like, but on the issues that affect us all I think he is better than what we have in the White House,” he said.

Uh huh…

Now, lets go back to when a certain coke-snorting, draft-dodging, fake ‘man of the people’ rich brat was buying a second term as Texas governor as an investment for his planned purchase of the presidency.  Lil’ ol’ transsexual Texas Triangle columnist me had the temerity to frequently point out that the  coke-snorting, draft-dodging, fake ‘man of the people’ rich brat who was buying a second term as Texas governor was a theocratic turd who, at best, didn’t give a shit about whether LGBT people lived or died.  The following, from Sept. 17, 1998, is my response to a Triangle reader who sent in a letter to the editor whining about how I was being soooooooooooooooooooooooooo unfair to the  coke-snorting, draft-dodging, fake ‘man of the people’ rich brat who was buying a second term as Texas governor.

In a letter in the Sept. 10 Texas Triangle I stand accused – by a reader who professes to usually agreeing with me when I rant – of imagining that Gov. George W. Bush “will fail to support equal protection under the law for gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgendered people.”

Sorry my dear reader, but your letter proves my point.

The Texas Republican Party platform is an admission of guilt for any and all who refuse to expressly, unequivocally, completely and vigorously repudiate every homophobic syllable that it contains.  Like it or not, unless and until George does so he is the enemy.

I am not pre-judging George.  I am judging him.

I look again at a gubernatorial re-election campaign which continues to pollute the airwaves with repetitious, non-substantive fluff while ignoring the officially-repressed minorities that his party – if given the states-rights-esque free rein that it desires – will repress even more.

Give George a chance (or even “half a chance”)?

He’s had a four-year-long chance to do something bold to help the minorities of his state who can still be legally discriminated against with impunity – to do something more thann build a foundation for a run at the presidency by giving speeches full of barely-camouflaged Traditional Family Values™ gobbledygook.

If George and the other statewide candidates cruising into the 1998 elections on the Good Ship Republicanpop want to overcome the hate and bigotry of their party’s official statement as to what our State should be and should do, then they must come to us – not with fluff and code-speak but with a definite plan and pledge to remove every word of anti-homosexual and anti-transsexual discrimination that stains the pages of the law books of Texas.

Every tele-second of George’s smarmy re-election campaign not devoted to a substantive discussion of the abject bigotry that homosexuals and transsexuals face every non-tele-second of our lives – thanks to the litany of state and local laws designed to subjugate us – is of no use to us whatsoever.

And neither is the person that such a campaign promotes.

Nothing that the governor of a state that continues to regard a substantial percentage of its population as second-class citizens says is, as my critic puts it, “wholly unrelated to gay/lesbian issues”.  Not only do I not apologize for what I wrote about George W. Bush in the Sept. 3 Triangle, but, if I had the room here, I would reiterate every word of it.

Would I ever take back any of it?


When employers in this state lose the ability to deny me employment based on no reason other than the fact that I happen to be transsexual – and if employers lose that special right as a result of significant action taken by George, I’ll be ready, willing and able to give him the praise that he would deserve.

George W. Bush has done nothing to actually help us and has shown all but no indication that he will do anything to help us in the future.  No amount of criticism – from either my fans or foes – will change that.

And as for the helium-filled hairball who was running for lieutenant governor in 1998 and who is now taking advantage of the pitiful mental condition of an American populace that the eventual presidential policies of the  coke-snorting, draft-dodging, fake ‘man of the people’ rich brat who was buying a second term as Texas governor in 1998 helped to lobotomize….?

Well, in 2001 he actually did sign into law a hate-crimes law.

Of course, it was one that could conceivably punish acts described in a certain Facebook conversation as a hate crime but absolutely could not punish the same acts as a hate crime if the roles of those involved were reversed.

In this article, “sexual preference” has the following meaning only:  a preference for heterosexuality, homosexuality, or bisexuality

Ah yes, but Rob Schlein sez:

Rick Perry has been less of a friend to the LGBT community than we’d like, but on the issues that affect us all I think he is better than what we have in the White House.

Lets see…

Gov. Hairball signed a bill into law that incentivizes crime by non-trans people against trans people.

President Obama signed a bill into law that puts hate crimes against gays, lesbians, bisexuals and trans people on equal footing.

I think we can figure out how significant Rob Schlein thinks that those who were left out of Texas’ 2001 hate crimes law are.

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