Until Cops Face the Same Penalties for Their Criminality that Real People Do, This Crap Will Continue

From the Houston Chronk:

A Houston police officer has been placed on 20-day suspension for striking a former University of Houston basketball star in the head with a nightstick, causing a concussion.

Brenton Green, a senior officer and 15-year veteran with the Houston Police Department, was accused of beating Michael Young, a member of the famed Phi Slama Jama squad at UH in the 1980s.

Young, who had a brief NBA career with the Suns, Clippers and 76ers, is now director of basketball operations at UH.

[Young’s attorney, Reginald] McKamie has said Green attacked his client without provocation at a shoe store in Houston on Dec. 23.

Young went to the store with his son to buy Air Jordan Retro sneakers on the day the new shoes were released, McKamie said. He was at the door, trying to help his son get out of the crowded store, when Green hit him from behind with a nightstick, he said.

Young’s attorney, however, sums up the special rights of America’s over-privileged class of weapon-wielding, uniformed criminals:

McKamie, said Police Chief Charles McClelland should have been tougher on Green.

“If Michael Young had reacted and attacked (the officer) for hitting him the back of the head, Michael Young would be facing 20 years in prison, and here this fellow gets 20 days off,” McKamie said. “You know, he’s got a license to kill people, a license to harm people, and Michael is saying, ‘Hey, you’ve got to stop it somewhere.’ ”

Hell, the current SCOTUS will probably give the cop a medal if the case makes it up there.

One Response to Until Cops Face the Same Penalties for Their Criminality that Real People Do, This Crap Will Continue

  1. SarasNavel says:

    Q: What do Corporations, Religious Organizations and Law Enforcement have in common?

    A: They exist in our culture to protect individuals from liability and therefore, personal responsibility to society as a whole. But hey, at least *one* of them is sworn to be loyal to the USA!

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