Is it Really Any More Ridiculous Than a Certain ‘Transsexual = Rapist, Wink, Wink, Nudge, Nudge’ Angle?

From Pam’s House Blah:

In fairness to the Blah, it actually is pretty sad:

While the gay community have been busy with other matters [Kat’s query: Has NGLTF been busy responding to the Brennan-Hungerford exterminationism manifesto?], members of the religious right are perpetrating a slow but consistent march to a claim that acceptance of homosexuality will soon lead to the acceptance of pedophilia.

The key here is that these folks are not saying that pedophilia and homosexuality are connected, but rather are using a faulty “slippery slope” argument, i.e. – “just like the gay community is receiving more acceptance, pretty soon the pedophiles will be getting more acceptance.”

It began when the Liberty Counsel’s Matt Barber and a researcher by the name of Judith Reisman attended a recent symposium of a group – B4U-Act – who is seeking to  reduce “stigmatization and stereotyping of people who are attracted to children.”

Barber is no stranger to the gay community for his offensive anti-gay comments, but Reisman is not that widely known.

All you need to know about her is that she is a former songwriter for the show “Captain Kangaroo” who suddenly became a researcher (she does have a doctorate, but it’s in communications). According to writer Terry Krepel, she was given a federal grant of more than $784,000 to study 30 years worth of Playboy magazines. Her findings were dismissed as “paranoid pseudoscientific hyperbole.”

Let’s see…

These definitions would allow all males – including registered sex offenders or males subject to a domestic violence order of protection – to assert “gender identity” as a means to invade female-only space.

Let’s also see…

Behavior that would normally be considered criminal will now be protected as a civil right.

I’m just remindin’….

And I’m gonna keep remindin’….

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