The Intellectual Vomit of America’s Obscenely Rich

Stuart Varney:

The image we have of poor people as starving, living in squalor really is not accurate. Many of them have things, what they lack is the richness of spirit. That’s my opinion.

My opinion?

I think the Bolsheviks may have been right.

5 Responses to The Intellectual Vomit of America’s Obscenely Rich

  1. Tsk tsk.

    Katrina, as a Left-Behind Libertarian I would (sometimes) appreciate it very much if you would moderate your tone… perhaps a response that is a bit more to the middle-of-the-road is appropriate to this ludicrous outrage, say…

    “I think the Mensheviks may have been right.”

  2. I think he needs to do a little volunteer work – meals on wheels, or something of that nature. Not for the good it will do others, but to further his education.

    I’m a conservative – but not of the genus that flourishes in the USA. That species is a noxious pest. Most aren’t bad, but many are clueless and arrogant. Just like many “liberals, though I have to say, that many who call themselves “liberal” are anything but.

    How many of *them* get off their backsides to do anything – other than expect the Gummint or “someone” to do something about it?

    Contrast: How much time and energy does Katrina Rose spend on this blog and elsewhere pushing for change, not for herself but for others, and how much does she get paid for that?

    THAT to me is what being a “liberal” or a “conservative” or just having simple human decency is about. To think of others, and try to help them, not just yourself. We may differ on mechanisms, but not the basic aim.

    • Zoe, these politicians are “conservative” in pretty much the same way radfems are “feminists” … they’re hijacking labels associated with an honorable and reasonable set of political and social preferences and tendencies in order to enhance their credibility with a public which is poorly educated in the nuances of political philosophy… to say the least!

      One factor which I think is associated here is the tendency to anti-intellectualism in the U.S. … it’s almost mandatory now for a politician (or activist) to present as a very sharp personality who is “properly equipped” with FACTS… but to eschew analysis: that’s pure poison! “Eggheads” are basically despised in America. (Think on what happened to Al Gore: eviscerated by the so-called “liberal media” in the US during his Presidential campaign in 2000 because he was… “boring”. “Windy”. “Verbose”.)

      “99.8% of the population has a refrigerator: you’re doin’ great! Qwitcherbitchin!”

      Somehow I’m feeling that what Pharyngulites refer to as the “Goddidit” argument is so compelling a resort for these folks: God did it; God said so; that’s that. End of discussion!

      “Tide goes in, tide goes out. It’s just that simple.”

      It’s no longer necessary to go through the troubling and often tedious (and sometimes fruitless) exercise of hard thinking about issues. The Saturday Night Live parodies of the 60 Minutes “Point-Counterpoint” segment which aired around 1975 indicated the shape of the future all too accurately… political discourse in the U.S. has degenerated to that state:

      “Jane, you ignorant slut!”


      This state of affairs helps the psychopaths gain power in this country.

      People in the U.S. are all pretty much upset over the overly-rapid decline of Team America, and they’re looking for someone to take the blame. Understanding what has transpired is difficult; they’re searching for simple solutions. No, this does not look good to me, at all.

      >99% of the people of this country mean well… they’re just, well, in the condition described here: “It’s not what you don’t know that hurts you; it’s what you do know that just ain’t so.”

    • I feel the same way, being a tory but definitely not an American conservative, though I tend to think I’m far to the left of you on most things… just because I’m far to the left of everybody on most things… I’m one of those Disraeli/Diefenbaker Conservatives.

      There… I’m outed.

  3. friday jones says:

    Rich people ain’t what they used to be either, Stu….

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