Today’s Lesson in Rhetorical Anti-Excellence: How to Overplay a Hand to the Point of Turning it into a Gangrenous Foot

I thought for sure that the person who would overplay the gift handed to the Exterminationist Twins would be Cathy Brennan herself.


Seen on Facebook one Wednesday afternoon in August:

While I certainly don’t want any Gay, Inc. vampires or Raymondistic trans-exterminationist vampires (first or second generation) in my house, is it really accurate to say that merely mentioning a vampire means that you’re mentioning someone that everyone wants to kill?  Tom was kind enough to mention Twilight and True Blood, neither of which I’m really into even though I am aware enough of them to know that, even though there are some folks within those franchises who view vampires negatively there are plenty who view them orgasmically as well.

But lets think about some other vampires who, if you were to assert that a comparison of yourself to any of them was somehow a threat of violence, the only actual violence that would ensue would be your own attempts to escape the clutches of the white-suited people who will be taking you to the rubber room.

Merely mentioning a vampire means that you’re mentioning someone that everyone wants to kill, eh?

Even Grandpa Munster?  (Cue up the countdown to some Exterminationism Twins defender mentioning the Munsters episode in which Grandpa turns himself into a sorority girl to rescue Herman who, while in a Grandpa-induced coma was placed inside the Alpha Kappa sorority house; also cue up the countdown to some Exterminationism Twins defender claiming that Herman was a misogynistic criminal for invading the private space of the sorority house while comatose.)

Even George Hamilton as Dracula?  (Yes, there were some folks who were trying to kill him – though with one of them being Richard Benjamin’s Dr. Jeffrey Rosenberg and another being the head of a hungry family who thought that the in-bat-form Hamilton was simply a little black chicken that he could feed his family with its difficult to take much of that seriously – but the Romanian government really just wanted his castle.)

Even Susan St. James as Cindy Sondheim? (Remember, at the very end of Love at First Bite she becomes a vampire too; okay, her cat might have wanted to kill her but (1) we don’t know that as it wasn’t in the film, (2) wouldn’t you want to kill somone who locked you in a refrigerator?, and (3) she locked the cat in the fridge before she became a vampire so, technically, the issue is not relevant to this discussion.)

Even Dracula as portrayed by a still-young-and-good-looking, pre-Frost/Nixon Frank Langella? 

Even Count Floyd from SCTV?  (Yes, he voiced the intro to one song by a group that’s a bit too heavily influenced by Ayn Rand, but I can’t imagine anyone really holding that against him – not even Ed Grimley.)

Even The Count from Sesame Street? (C’mon…he’s The Count from Sesame Street!)

Even The Vampire Lovers?

I hereby declare the hubbub involving the Casebeer-Roberts Facebook conversation to be over and resolved in favor of Casebeer and Roberts – not that anything Tom said about it above is inaccurate or that their engaging in such a conversation in that forum was any brighter of a move than it obvously wasn’t.  However, we all – and I mean all – knew that it was just going to be a tool that the trans-exterminationists and/or their Stockholm Syndrome-addled cyber entourage would use to attempt to attain victimhood.

Well, that’s working about as well as CONTROL’s cone of silence.

Here’s looking at you, skid.

21 Responses to Today’s Lesson in Rhetorical Anti-Excellence: How to Overplay a Hand to the Point of Turning it into a Gangrenous Foot

  1. Speaking of vampyres.
    Recently I was amazed to read in Transadvocate the story of one of the original Janice Raymond Transsexual-perforating Empyre Vampyres, Sue Hyde, who has had a long celebrated career as a lesbian activist.

    But Dr. Jekyll- err- Ms. Hyde thrust her knife in the heart of Transsexual America with her signature on the letter (along with musician-songwriter Alix Dobkin and others) that resulted in the expulsion of transsexual recording engineer Sandy Stone from Olivia Records in 1977.

    This was the same year that I had my sex reassignment surgery and it was this diabolical endeavor to turn transsexual women into enemy prey through the use of Dr. Jekyll Raymond’s magic potion which when swallowed by gullible lesbians turned transsexual women into symbolic rapists– wolves in sheep’s clothing, capable of symbolic sexual assault with phantom male energy. Such evil alchemy this was!

    But Hyde was pretty good at playing hyde and no seek and she kept hydden — a low profile for the last 34 years and she apparently was unburdened by an attack of conscience for having wrecked and ruined a woman’s career and sense of community because she just happened to change sex and she was a feminist in a “women space”.

    So Transadvocate chaffs her Hyde-ness and outs her as one of the original Raymondistas.

    The most amazing thing was an en-Sue-ing response by Ms. Hyde, who admitted her complicity but also stated that by the early 1980s she had grown beyond separatism and had left it behind, along with the comatose life and career of Sandy Stone which she never mentioned again. Until now.

    Sue Hyde, 34 years late, actually apologizes to the trans community for all the pain she has caused. And now her conscience has emerged form her unconscious! Really?

    We have Dr, Jekyll, Ms. Hyde, Alix of Dobkinland, and Mich of Fest to thank for 34 years of transmisogynistic hate, persecution, bigotry and Apartheid exclusion.

    And now we have one repentant vampyre out of how many?
    A vampyre who preyed on the blood and the suffering of transsexual women. Who caused untold amounts of misery for transsexual women everywhere, particularly those who dared to be feminists at heart. Women who were for women. All women.

    Feminists like me who had been recruited by lesbians as a counseling intern working with lesbian, transsexual and gay clients- including some 900 hours working with lesbian individuals, couples and co-leading a lesbian incest survivors group.

    But in 1988 I was to be outed by a transphobic lesbian administrator which resulted in my being threatened with violence by 4 women, ejected from the Womanspace I had co-founded and purged from my job– as part of a wave of bigotry that swept scores of transsexual women out of women spaces in the late 1980s.

    I had been tossed off a cliff into 20 years of exile.
    Despair, isolation and depression for 5 years.
    Being sole caregiver for my mother with Alzheimer’s for 6 years.
    Being homeless in Seattle for almost 7 years.

    And during all those years, none of those vampyres ever apologized to me, certainly not the ones who sucked the lifeblood out of me. No one invited me to come back.

    Even the wonderful revolution of transgender inclusion had passed me by. Because the vampyres never signed off on it.

    Sure, some would say.
    “Yes, we welcome transgender women into LGBT!”
    Even the Bugmistress of Brennan has said that she accepts transgender women as women.

    But we’re not “womyn-born-womyn”, she says and women need safe “women-born” spaces to be away from “male energy”.

    So as long as we are accepted as women but not as womyn-born-womyn, then we’re really not accepted by lesbians or included in L G B T.

    I was surprised just a few months ago, in the aftermath of Equality Marryland’s dismal failure with it’s Mirage Equality Bill and it’s diminutive companion, the less-than-trans- accommodating HB235- that Her Royal Bugness was paying me a visit and criticizing my successful undercover endeavor to take down a small faction of the Michfest Dyke Klux Klan.

    She had friended me on Facebook but I had no access to her profile wall or posts and I was unable to message her on FB.

    I had hoped that she might have read my profile, my extensive work as an advocate, writer, facilitator and speaker where I am an accepted and respected woman among women in a feminist community working with homeless women and for all homeless people here in Seattle with Women’s Housing Equality & Enhancement League (WHEEL), the Antioch University Women’s Education Program, Real Change News, Homeless Remembrance Project, Women in Black, even Radical Women, NARAL and more…

    But Cathy Brennan ignored my feminist credentials and left a few cloying, snide remarks and then moved on.

    And she and Hungerford found a bigger world audience at the U.N.

    And then I was deleted by Monica Roberts– all over my not liking her whole “WWBT” transsexual women-bashing and race baiting rants.

    Then a few days later a man with a Louisville Slugger and a Buick came along and Monica The Vampyre Slayer had a stake in the issue.

    But In the bloodless aftermath Monica’s profile was down and I had to find out what happened third-hand.

    And after all the nuclear fallout had dissipated, the Bug Musician of Brennan had found herself a new feminist friend. And gave her the email access and phone calls that I should have gotten.

    This Old Feminist wonders if Feminist Cathy Brennan and Womanist Monica Roberts will ever know how much loyalty and support they both lost in tossing me aside. And no one will ever know how much I was shouting for someone to stand on principle. And how disappointed I was with both of them.

    “Go ahead and hate your neighbor
    Go ahead and cheat a friend
    Do it in the name of heaven
    You can justify it in the end….”

    • “Sure, some would say.
      “Yes, we welcome transgender women into LGBT!”
      Even the Bugmistress of Brennan has said that she accepts transgender women as women.

      But we’re not “womyn-born-womyn”, she says and women need safe “women-born” spaces to be away from “male energy”.”

      This of course, is why I reject the operative essentialists and their desperate desire to demarcate womanhood via scalpel.

  2. Did I hear my name being called in vain again?

    You WWBT’s keep trying to cry those white women’s tears along with the Extermimationist Twins.. They ain’t working for those trans oppressors and they definitely aren’t working for you WWBT sellouts

    If selling out the human rights of transpeople around the world is your idea of ‘support’ , you can keep hanging out with your partners in oppression in the radical lesbian separatist movement.

    Want some fresh hater tots?

    • friday jones says:

      I don’t think it’s possible for trans women to be racists towards one another, whether white or TWOC, because doesn’t racism require an institutional power imbalance? Generally, straight society is the group that holds the reins to institutional power, and commits the actual ongoing acts of racism that result in the differences in outcome that we see between white trans women and TWOC.

      What I’m saying is that you should be on the same side as each other, against the real powers arrayed against trans rights. I like your blog, Monica, and it’s a waste of your energy to let the enemies of trans rights pit you against other trans women. Please reconsider this divisive stance.

  3. I would never want to take a saint’s name in vain, Ms. Monica.
    But your refusal to acknowledge my Native American heritage in making reference to “white women’s” tears shows you for your true colors as a monochromatic bigot who sees the whole world as Black vs. White. Well, I object and Native American people object.

    And President Obama is therefore free to hate his White ancestry as much as your hatred for all persons who disagree with you that you call White.

    But your continuing willingness to show your hatred and contempt for transsexual women through that Hate Radio Station WWBT shows that you cannot ever get beyond being a racist, Transsexual Women-Bashing Black Bigoted Transgender “TWiBBBiT”.

    I will stand against transmisogynistic bigotry and racism likes yours with all my being and I don’t care what color of person serves up the Haterade and the HaterTots on a blog that should be called TransBigot.

    Perhaps you’d like to do another one of your trademark racist stereotyped “pimp-slaps” or one of your misogynist “bitch-slaps” on me. And show how much violent hatred there is in your heart. And how much more hate there is in you than in the Exterminationist Twins.

    And why you had to apologize to Cathy Brennan, because you just couldn’t control your rage until you got into trouble.

    • Teresa, your white sheet is showing. I’m not the one writing a rant filled novel in a comment thread

      Sniff sniff, I smell vanilla flavored privilege in the air.

      And oh yeah, want some more of that Vanilla Ice Haterade you’re drinking?

      • Bad form responding to her accusation of erasure of aboriginal heritage by refusing to acknowledge, and thus erasing, her aboriginal heritage…

        ‘Passing’ I liked to think, was one of those messed-up metrics that had ceased to have currency with anyone serious… it would appear not.

  4. friday jones says:

    You write in a blog. The pen is mightier than the sword. Why do you threaten us with your mighty weapon that makes a sword look inferior? Simple rhetorical connections can draw a line between anyone and alleged precrime.

  5. Friday…Bull feces. We are microcosms of society, and whether you wish to admit it or not, white people no matter what their status in life exist with presumed status and power over POCs.

    Even in the trans community And they never hesitate to draw on that presumed status

  6. friday jones says:

    Can you name an example of that “status” that isn’t just the standard variation in treatment from OUTSIDE FORCES due to racism? In other words, how do white trans women specifically and personally wield their alleged status and power over TWOC?

    I fully and freely acknowledge that there is a difference in the way we’re treated by the community because of our color difference. TWOC bear the brunt of violence against trans women, and the brunt of employment and income discrimination. But I’ve never heard of a white trans woman refusing a job or a home to a TWOC. We generally don’t have them available to offer, ourselves being just a little bit luckier in those aspects of living.

    The only real racism I see in the trans feminine spectrum is when an HBS type white trans woman voluntarily becomes a poster child for WBW Issues or surgical requirements for official gender recognition. In that case, it’s mainly intersectional privilege from Classism that generates the racist rhetoric.

    Racism is inherently a power imbalance. I have zero power to wield in this society. Less than zero actually. Here on the Internet we just have names and voices, and you’re way more elite than I am in this medium. Please reconsider your support of these wild-hare accusations of physical threats. You’re just playing into the “Dangerous Tranny” trope of the real enemies of all trans women, after all.

    • Please reconsider your support of these wild-hare accusations of physical threats. You’re just playing into the “Dangerous Tranny” trope of the real enemies of all trans women, after all.

      And consider you’re wallowing in a lot of vanilla flavored privilege to make such an unfounded and bigoted accusation.

      You and the WWBT’s have rode that horse until it’s ready to be sent to the glue factory and nobody’s buying what you’re trying to sell. .

      Umm hmm..I’m elite? Really? Who knew? My bank account sure doesn’t reflect that phantom ‘elite’ status you’re babbling about. .

      But I’ve never heard of a white trans woman refusing a job or a home to a TWOC

      Umm hmm, because you’ve never heard of it happening, it doesn’t exist? Before I break out laughing, a question for you. Can you explain why since in your words prejudices, why the leadership in the trans community’s DC based lobbying org resembles a GOP convention?

  7. friday jones says:

    Oh, so you actually know of a case in which a TWOC was denied a place to live or a job by another trans woman of any race whatsoever? As far as I can see, it’s the Gay Inc orgs that deny employment to trans women, not other trans women.

    As wholly obnoxious and repellent as the HBSers are, they do not speak for all white trans women. We are not some kind of unimind. Some of us are actually pretty nice people, hey, I haven’t even called you on being a sarcastic hostile jerk in this conversation so far, even though you’ve gone out of your way to be as rude and confrontational as possible.

    But frankly I couldn’t give two shits about your tone, because for the most part you’re right and I agree with you, but I am not about to kiss your ass when I think you’re acting the fool. It’s a simple concept really, just because all HBSers are white trans women doesn’t mean that all white trans women are HBSers. Disrespecting an entire group of people based on their skin color is never a good idea.

    • This. Though there are intersections of oppression, where mostly (Not universally, which is why I have no time for Monica’s erasure of cissexist class-privileged trans women of colour… yes, they exist.) again, mostly, white professional-class (pretty much breaking down along the same demographic lines as professional-class cis people, mind you.) trans women desperately try to distance themselves from the ‘freaks’ (i.e. the poor, the non-operative) and replicate the structures of cissexism, but just allow for entry into one’s identified gender to be had at the end of a scalpel instead of being a question of innate womanhood.

      And yeah, Monica, you’ve lost the plot and you’re making the movement look bad. This is the time for surgical and point-by-point refutations, instead of reducing the argument to one group slinging ad hominems at another group.

      Make them look like jerks by being the adult in the room.

  8. friday jones says:

    Oh, and of course you have a more elite status in the LGBT blog world than I do, I don;t have a blog, and I am certainly not an award winning writer and I’ve never been asked to speak or lecture. I’m a high school dropout who has had a hell of a time just surviving hand to mouth since I transitioned back in ’83. I grew up so poor that to this day I can only stand to eat one meal a day because that’s all I EVER had growing up. So yeah, you are more elite than I am, congratulations.

  9. friday jones says:

    “Can you explain why since in your words prejudices, why the leadership in the trans community’s DC based lobbying org resembles a GOP convention?”

    My guess would be that actual trans women, especially TWOC, are too busy with basic survival and transitioning issues to dedicate the scores of hours per week that being active in a lobbying organization requires. Activism is harder to engage in the less money one has. And our society still has a huge of racial income imbalance. And Trans women are far more likely to be living in poverty. And TWOC bear the worst brunt of that poverty due to endemic societal racism.

    I don’t think it’s due to racism in the LGBT orgs, it’s due to racism in the general population. The LGBT orgs crave more diversity, but are not in control of mainstream society and do not set the economic rules.

    Thanks to endemic societal racism and homophobia and transphobia, the largest percentage of LGBT people in positions of actual power in our society are generally closeted types who laugh at gay bashing jokes and consistently vote against LGBT issues in order to keep their closets safely shut.

  10. Polar says:

    My concern is this, because it was my life and name that was dragged through the mud, and when the story broke, I received bad legal advice to keep quiet. I should have defended myself at that point, more effectively.

    1. How does a few words on Facebook, ones never meant for public consumption, warrant public outing on a webpage managed by a third party not affected?
    2. How does that warrant a front-page news article on said words, spoken by a non-public figure, by the RELIGIOUS EDITOR of the local yellow rag?

    Yes, I apologized – to the person I was insulting, to the organization I was keeping books for (a volunteer position, btw), and to those who know me.

    Dana Lane Taylor doesn’t know me. Her website contains many falsehoods. I was told by 2 attorneys that, even though she’s certainly guilty of libel, the cost and likelihood of success of such a suit would be prohibitive. She used the logo of a different organization than the one I was treasurer for, and I understand that organIzation is preparing legal action against her. Peter Smith of the CJ is a RELIGIOUS reporter, who usually prints every utterance of people like the local Catholic anti-glbt archbishop and Al Mohler of the Southern Bastard, er, Baptist seminary – that’s who his bosses are. He used Taylor’s bullshit to grind his own Religious Reichist axe, with me as the chopping block. But, that’s what Reicher Christians and separatists do these days – character-assassinate people, because their bullshit has no meaning unless they can take people down. It is the world we live in, and it’s not a positive new world development, and my thoughts of both of them are, resultingly, hateful.

    My words were wrong, they could have been construed as threatening a cartoonish sort of violence, not unlike that of the Coyote dropping an Acme anvil on the Roadrunner, or the sarcastic violence of a Capitol 1 commercial. But that, in no way, justified the violent outing that was done to me, or the public vilification I received from Jillian Weiss, Autumn Sandeen, and many others in addition to Taylor and Smith (neither of whom I’d even heard of before this) – and I have kept score all along. Outing people who are not public figures, deliberately, on the web and in their local papers, IS A VIOLENT ACT. I repeat – OUTING PEOPLE ONLINE IS A VIOLENT ACT. I won’t be committing any violent acts in retribution, even though it would be entirely justifiable morally, it’s not who I am or what I do, and I do not want anyone committing any violence on my behalf, but the karmic wheel turns entirely on its own, I have no doubt that it will roll over those involved, and I will be cranking the music when it does so.

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