Three (And a Half) Out of Four….

From the Houston Chronk:

A national conservative leader thinks that the Politico story today headlined “Is Rick Perry Dumb?” is really, really dumb.

And biased. That old liberal media bias that you’ve heard so much about.

Penny Nance, the CEO of Concerned Women for America, an organization of social conservatives, reacted furiously to the Politico story, saying it was the latest in a long line of negative media stereotypes of right-of-center politicians.

Is Ronald Reagan electable? Is George Bush a wimp? Is Michele Bachmann crazy? Is Rick Perry dumb?” asked Nance, citing famous — or infamous — media headlines about conservative candidates.


Well, yes, Reagan got elected – though, of course, neither Nance nor CWFA are going to mention that in no small part that was less the result of Reagan himself than the combination of Carter disintegrating like a pile of packing peanuts in a hurricane and the corporatist media ensuring that there was no viable third option (John Anderson?  John Anderson?).

Bush?  I seem to recall Saddam Hussein still being around when his kid stole the presidency.

Bachmann?  If she believes the shit she’s spouting then, yes, she is crazy.

Perry?  If he believes the shit he’s spouting then, yes, he is dumb.

“It’s bad enough to raise these questions but the pathetic mainstream media only asks them about conservatives. Today’s Politico story about Rick Perry is just the latest example. Where was the 2007 Politico lead story raising questions about whether or not Barack Obama was all style, no substance and just might be in over his head? That might have saved us from a presidency that is defined as a miserable failure with every passing day. Where was the 1991 Newsweek cover asking ‘Does Bill Clinton have a problem with the truth?’ Such a story could have certainly spared this nation in ways too many to count, and there was plenty of evidence of such a problem while he was running.”

Nance says these stories (or lack of them) lead to an inescapable query: “Perhaps the American people should be asking: ‘Does an unbiased mainstream media really exist, or is it just an extension of the Democratic National Committee?”


Like FOX?

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