Some HOA’s should be labeled as terrorist organizations…………

That’s a comment to an item on the website of KHOU, Channel 11 in Houston.  The title of this post is my reaction based on my experience with homeowner’s associations back when I lived in Texas.  The one I  had to deal with personally by virtue of my house being subject to it served no objectively useful purpose whatsoever; all it did was harrass the people who lived there and attempted to extort money from us (up to and including filing liens and never removing them even after resolution of the underlying matters.)

H/T to Nikki Araguz for pointing the story out, BTW.  One of her attorneys, Mitch Katine (one of the attorneys who represented John Lawrence and Tyron Garner in Lawrence v. Texas – and also someone who happened to be in court on a different matter the morning I handled my first name/gender change case and, afterward, gave me an ‘attagirl’ for succeeding) is representing the Sardo family in this case.  Granted, I’m not sure I’d want a pet pig for myself, but I’d probably prefer having a PBP live next door to me than a family of christian dominionists.

A Spring family fighting to keep their pot-bellied pig has filed a lawsuit against their HOA.

The Sardo family lives in The Thicket at Cypresswood subdivision with Wilbur, their 60-pound, 8-month-old potbelly pig.

In July, they got a notice from their HOA saying they had 30 days to find Wilbur a new home.

The HOA said Wilbur had to go because the neighborhood’s deed restrictions ban livestock.

Wilbur’s owner, Missy Sardo, was initially told that if she could get 51 percent of the homeowners in the subdivision to sign a petition agreeing to allow the pig, the deed restrictions could be changed.

The Sardos got the signatures and started a Facebook page for their pet, which now has a following of over 4,400 people. But about a week later, Missy Sardo said she got a second letter from the HOA saying the petition wouldn’t change anything, and they would have to find Wilbur a new home, after all.

I would hope that, if there’s proof of the ‘get 51%’ letter and proof of the signatures, then the terrorists HOA should be estopped from screwing with the Sardos.

“According to the USDA, potbelly pigs are classified as pets, not livestock, and Wilbur was – in fact – sold and taxed by the State of Texas as a pet,” Sardo said. “The HOA has made demand that we get rid of Wilbur, and we just can’t do it. He is part of our family, and the deed restrictions permit household pets. Wilbur is a household pet, and we have decided to fight for him.”

Unfortunately, the state of Texas recognized Christie Lee Littleton’s marriage to Jonathan Littleton when it was to the state’s advantage to do so – but when Christie Lee tried to rely on that reality….

Well, you know….

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