Biased Reporting, Much?

The title of this AP wire story, as it appears in the Houston Chronk is:

Court OKs docs telling women of fetus relationship


It sounds like it is a pro-theocracy ruling, but lets look at the entirety of what is currently up on the Chronk’s website:

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (AP) — A federal appeals court has ruled it is legal for doctors in South Dakota to tell a woman seeking an abortion that she has a relationship with the fetus and that the relationship enjoys legal protection.

The 8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled in a written opinion Friday that U.S. District Judge Karen Schreier’s was incorrect when she ruled it was unconstitutional for doctors to tell patients they had a relationship.

Planned Parenthood sued the state after the 2005 law passed and Schreier temporarily prevented it from taking effect. The 8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals overruled that order in 2008.

The federal appeals court did agree with Schreier’s decision to strike down portions of the law requiring doctors to tell patients the procedure increases the likelihood of suicide.

Yes, it looks as though the Eighth Circuit did indeed sign off on South Dakota telling doctors that they’re limited-purpose lawyers, but…

Not until the final sentence – and, of course, not reflected at all in the headline – do we see that the court apparently told South Dakota that it can’t force doctors to use the specter of suicide to scare women into not having abortions.

Pro-womb-control bias, much?

One Response to Biased Reporting, Much?

  1. Also, it’s demonstrably true that there’s a legal relationship between someone who is pregnant and their fetus because the legislature has created one… (the relevance of that relationship is more or less moot and mandatory unwanted and emotionally manipulative legal advice, but whatever…)

    I think one of the key reasons the suicide clause was struck down was because there’s no causal link:

    I think the court was too generous to the womb-police myself, but it’s nice to see they can differentiate between a fact that carries more emotional weight than actual weight and an untruth.

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