I Have a Better Idea

Keith (needs – and badly, methinks) Ablow asserts:

I have a better idea.

If you really give a shit about your children, you won’t ever, ever, ever, ever let them watch any brain-jellying, pseudo-reality tele-garbage, including – in fact, particulary – Fox ‘News.’

I ordinarily would apply that to Dancing With the Stars as well – but I encourage folks to watch Chaz on it, because

The Pregnant Man — Thomas Beatie — claims he SHOULD HAVE been chosen to compete on “Dancing with the Stars” this season … but says, “Chaz Bono stole my thunder.”

…it will piss off Mr. Sixteenth Minute.

4 Responses to I Have a Better Idea

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  2. Kathleen says:

    Maybe we can’t chip in and buy him tee shirt that says “look at me” so he won’t strain his voice.

    When did we begin living in the world of the book “children of men”? It’s not as if reproducing were an unusual event – billions alive have done so.

    Not that I have any interest in watching anyone in this show. Alright – I did enjoy Tom Delay in utube. But – what’s that old joke about a dancing dog?

  3. I am so deeply disappointed that Mr. Beatie did not have a chance to display his true talents to America (whatever they are).

    I would expect him to be a fertility dance expert and I would count on the serial trimomdy dearest to do a smokin’ baby belly dance and to be particularly good at the limbo– because he has proven through his incessant desire for attention how low he can go.

    It is ironic that Chaz’s mom Cher was once accused of being nothing but an obsessed fame seeker when she was pregnant many years ago by musician Greg Allman- such that someone suggested that her having named a child Chastity, that the next one be named Publicity. But then again Thomas has not yet after three deliveries been able to deliver one of those Ally McBeal Dancing Babies!

    But Beatie has proven that for ‘The Pregnant Man’ (registered trademark) once is not enough. When it was announced that the once inconceivable preggermon was preggers again, Seth Myers on Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update put it all in proper perspective:

    “The Pregnant Man is pregnant again! How come?
    Because he’s got a uterus and a vagina!”

    Look how far Thomas the Little Tank Engine That Couldn’t might have gone if he’d had two extremely gifted and talented parents like Chaz’s Sonny & Cher– and we know that some of that real talent rubbed of on Chaz who has managed to have a career in music, had written books and who, despite his struggle for identity has managed to become his own man with a certain amount of graciousness and his personal dignity inviolate.

    I am still waiting for the uproar to come from EQMD and HRC.
    It actually caused Joe Solomon Chanted Esening to resign!
    I know that they are deeply distressed over same-sex dancing couples being denied the right to dance on Dancing With the Stars.
    The nerve of the show’s producers to allow transmen to compete on the program before same-sex couples are allowed! This goes against the whole idea of incremental progress –which means gay people go first, then lesbian, bisexual… and trans by the year 2026 at the latest!

    Then again Thomas Beatie might have brought the opposing sides together in a special way. They could have sneaked in same-sex dancing by the back door if he could have done the show with a female partner and they were both pregnant at the same time!
    Therefore they could both be different genders but the same sex!
    And if they could synchronize their deliveries for the finals, could you imagine the audience they’d get?

  4. I personally am marginally opposed to every pregnancy by everyone at this point… when global temperature can rise by 8 C over 1960-70 averages without triggering a famine where nearly a billion die, then I’ll begin celebrating the culture of life again.

    Also thanks Thomas for all that trans education you’ve done… my mother (who no longer speaks to me out of the bizarre fear that I would masculinize my little sister.) knew, thanks to you and Oprah that trans men could get pregnant, but not that trans lesbians existed.

    I would like to think we’ve moved beyond the freakshow/101 aspect in this country, but enough editors seem to think not.

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