What’s the Matter with Workers who Vote Republican?

From BeeryBlog:

In contemporary Republican ranks, one finds only autocrats and theocrats, aligned not always for a common purpose but in common opposition to the interests of the majority and the institutions that serve it best.

Autocrats seek to operate in a world where capitalism fulfills the promises of Darwin—an awesome stampede of the powerful and the masculine that only crushes those defective beasts who need to be crushed for their own good—a stampede unencumbered by prophylactic rules and regulations and limits and safeguards.

And theocrats—neotheocrats, really—believe that they are blessed in this world because they are good and chosen, and that those not blessed are neither good nor chosen.  And the neotheocrats believe that the more they possess, the more like their autocratic neighbors they become, the more blessed they evidently are.  And theirs is to spread this new gospel; and theirs is to do so without such trivialities as a secular republic and its First Amendment standing in the way of Juh-EEEEEEEEEE-zuss.

So what is work to a Republican?  It is something one does early (if at all) only to not have to do it later.  And if one is reaching middle life and still doing it, then one has either 1) made bad choices that are her own fault and problem, or 2) been cursed by God and rendered less the concern of Christendom than even the poor Muslim.

In case the working haven’t noticed, about their work, their lives, and their futures, Republicans do not care.

So, what exactly is the matter with workers who vote for people who, if they thought they could still make obscene piles of money without consumers, kill every last member of the working class to bulldoze their existence into yet more golf courses?

One Response to What’s the Matter with Workers who Vote Republican?

  1. It’s just so easy to identify with one’s oppressor… after all, they’re so… powerful! Surely they must be better at what they do than I am.

    Same as all those Stockholm Syndrome Sisters who fall all over themselves defending the trans-culling Standards of Care.

    Also conflating the end of the economic good times of the FDR to Nixon eras with social change and viewing women and minorities as the enemy of prosperity.

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