T? T? T? T? T? T? T?

From the Shamvocate:

Go ahead, Bil

Cue up your outrage countdown you scam artist.

3 Responses to T? T? T? T? T? T? T?

  1. Methinks, they should change the name of their organization to


    (the absurdist wing, checking in again… .-)

    bonzie anne

  2. […] at ENDABlog] KatWebsite – More […]

  3. friday jones says:

    But teh gayz wanna play house for REALZ! Why you meanies wanna put your safety and financial security first instead? They want to be just like regular folks: Get married, adopt a kid, get divorced, have one of them convert to religious fundamentalism, and then fight over visitation rights in court. In-between is all that sweet rug-vacuuming and clothes-ironing! SCHWEET!

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