Apply This Principle to the Disgusting Underrepresentation of Trans Women in the Gay Rights Industry

From Michelangelo Signorile:

On the show last week I spoke to Rob Schlein, president of the Log Cabin Republicans of Dallas, who had written this piece in which he said that though he likes Jon Hunstman best he’d support Texas Governor Rick Perry over President Obama because LGBT people need to think about their “pocketbooks” first and their rights later

Of course, its pustules like this one who get their panties in a twist when anyone points out to them that discrimintion prevents many of us from ever getting anything to put into our “pocketbooks” (’tis funny indeed how certain obnoxiously over-privileged gay men have at least one thing in common with lesbian trans-exterminationists: an inherent inability to address flaws in their thinking.)

Of course, Shlein does the mainline with his psychosis:

He went on to say that gays and lesbians need jobs and that he trusts Perry’s jobs plan. I pointed out that Perry is against an anti-discrimination law protecting gays and lesbians, which is certainly about helping LGBT people keep their jobs. I then pointed out that in most states, including Texas people can be fired for being gay or transgender. He responded by implying that anti-discrimination laws don’t matter because he could fire anyone for any reason anyway:

Schlein: Texas is a right to work state. [Kat’s note: As someone commented at Signorile’s site, “right to work” has nothing to do with anti-discrimination laws; it has to do with whether one can be forced to join a union or not] So as an employer, which I am, I can fire anyone at will  [Kat’s note: As you might surmise from this, the term Schlein was looking for above was “employment at will,” which is actually an Orwellian misnomer, but that’s a different matter], there’s no such obligation.

Signorile: You can’t fire someone for being black—

Schlein: I can them for whatever reason I want—

Signorile: You cannot fire someone for being African-American…

Schlein: Well, I wouldn’t tell them…

Signorile:Well, you wouldn’t tell them, but you’d do it anyway?

Schlein: Well, I sure wouldn’t tell them…I’d find a reason if I wanted to fire them…

Naturally, then, it would follow that he’d find a ‘reason’ not to hire them in them in the first instance.

Do you really think that there are not people in the gay rights industry with the power to hire and fire who do not have a Sue Hyde ca. 1977 attitude toward the notion of working with transsexual women?

Remind me again…

How many trans employees does NGLTF have? If any, how many have spent a decade+ employed by the organization as a trans expert?

3 Responses to Apply This Principle to the Disgusting Underrepresentation of Trans Women in the Gay Rights Industry

  1. Beautiful! This is one of the quirks of the community that drives me bonkers; they’re like trying to talk to a creationist, someone who has a deep abiding belief that 2 + 2 = 12 or someone whose entire sense of self is predicated upon affirming that the earth is flat.

    I did a post on mythbusting their nationalities here:

    It turns my stomach when I here some dopey droid try to emulate the very worst of what America has to offer. When I come across on of these queer Republicans, I feel as though I’m watching some sad Orwellian minstrel show.

  2. friday jones says:

    As soon as the heat was taken off of the Gay men, allowing them to congregate in bars without generally facing morality raids, and removing sodomy laws from consideration for enforcement, their entire focus immediately shifted to their “pocketbooks.” (What a word, it makes me think of old men in chino’s handing out Werther’s Original Toffees.)

    After all, why would white men give a damn about women? Have we seen a lot of concern in that direction in the past? Why would we expect it now just because the white men in question are homosexually oriented?

    The only people who actually care about feminine people are feminine people. Even our friends don’t “get” our problems, they mostly think being transgender is just some fun thing we do for kicks and with little consideration for others.

    That’s why people like Brennan, Hungerford, and D. L. Taylor are so upsetting: They are feminine persons who are backstabbing fellow feminine people when we should be guarding each other’s backs in a masculine-centered and feminine-hostile world.

  3. […] don’t tell me that no homosexuals can evince an intent to violate employment discrimination laws. Signorile: You can’t fire someone for being black— Schlein: I can them for whatever reason I […]

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