From The John:

First, lets put aside the inconvenient truth that trans people do not, as trans people, benefit in any way from the DADT repeal.

Second, lets acknowledge that DADT was a turd in statutory form.

Third, lets acknowledge that there are other turds in statutory form – such as the current gay-only rights laws of Wisconsin, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maryland, New York and Delaware as well as the pre-legitimacy incarnations of the gay rights laws of Rhode Island, California, New Jersey, Vermont, Connecticut, Hawaii and Nevada.

With all of that in mind…

Do you think that, combined in all of those jurisdictions lacking legitimate gay rights laws, more or less than 14, 346 people have been either fired or never hired in the first instance because of being or being suspected of being transsexual, transgender, off-the-job crossdressers or trans-something?

In your heart, you should know what the answer likely is.

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