TMZ is Run by a Gay Man…Who’da Thunk?

You’d never guess that based on this, no?

TMZ: Toxic Malevolence Zone

Think that’s harsh?

it’s much easier for a fat, ugly girl to appear as a normal looking fat guy than it is for her to become a slim beautiful girl
I think chaz just took the easy way out

Think again.

3 Responses to TMZ is Run by a Gay Man…Who’da Thunk?

  1. Soooo… ultimately… it’s all about appearances.


  2. LezGetReal Was Run by a Heterosexual Man.. Who’da Thunk?

    LGR: Lets Guyz Rule Think that’s harsh?

    It was supposedly easier for a heterosexual man to pretend to be a smart lesbian woman- to create a blog able to target and reach a larger market audience more inclusive of all women than it would be for many lesbian separatists who see heterosexual, bisexual, transsexual and transgender women as the enemy of the revolution and ideological lesbian purity.

    Today, it’s much easier for gay men to speak and pass judgment on showbiz and the collective LGBT community, to declare themselves experts on apparel, fashion and behavior emphasizing style over substance. So many of these showbiz junk sports/performance & entertainment tabloid magazine contests disguised as a reality television series have your stereotypical American Idol judge positions that include Angry Brits, Gay musicians/ dancers/ fashionistas, etc.

    Think again. Either way it is still male dominance.
    Talk about misogyny and transphobia.
    The dictatorship of the misogynistic male-dominated media in sheep’s clothing. The wolves in the fold. The foxes in the henhouse.

    Janice Raymond had said that transsexual “male-constructed” females were the enemy of all women.

    But LezGetReal was a man who created a “male-constructed” lesbian feminist avatar who claimed to represent all women, lesbian or not, presenting “lesbian woman” as a charade and a facade.

    Or TMZ run by a gay man constructed as “expert” on all showbiz, and all things deemed L G B T. But since when are gay men experts at anything other than being gay men?

    But time and time again gay publishers and pundits speak for lesbians, transsexual and transgender people when they don’t have a clue as to our struggles with the hatred and contempt that comes from the misogyny and transphobia of phallocentric men who hate all women and all transsexual and transgender people who don’t live up to an idealized “manly” male stereotype.

    So much so that Mr. TMZ labels Chaz as “an ugly woman” making an easy escape by transition. To deny him his identity, to misgender him.

    Does he really think so little of the struggles of transsexual people like Chaz to assume that transition including the top surgery Chaz had is easy? Or that only “ugly women” transition to men? It is just as contemptuous to suggest that all transsexual women are ugly or that only “pretty boys” can succeed. It’s very easy for a gay man to pass judgment when the gay community itself has a wide diversity of people that vary in beauty, youth and in other things that really matter more than just the cosmetic.

    I really wouldn’t want to ask him what he thinks about the sex reassignment surgery that transsexual women have.
    I am afraid as a gay man he might faint from castration anxiety!
    Or does he imagine that SRS is easy for transsexual women?

  3. Celebrity News…

    […]TMZ is Run by a Gay Man…Who’da Thunk? « ENDAblog[…]…

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