Did You Support Doing That at the Close of the Bush Junta?

From the comments section to a blog post about Attorney General Eric Holder that linked to an old ENDABlog post:


And everyone he’s hired needs the hard drive checked on the computer they used in the Federal Government, before they’re fired. There will be no explanation needed when they’re removed. They aren’t going to get away with placing radical marxists in Washington, thinking they will be able to stay and destroy the country more, even after these demons Obama and Holder are in prison. God willing.

Every computer hard drive in every government agency in and out of DC need to be examined. We need to know, exactly what they’ve been doing.

Any bets as to whether “april” was in favor of doing that even just to all of the CBN Regent U graduates that the Bush Junta illegally hired much less to everyone in the Bush Junta, particularly all of Darth Cheney’s buddies?

I didn’t think so.

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