The Constitution-Vampirism of Religion

PZ Meyers distills perfectly the disease of allowing religion to have a legitimate – much less equal – place at the table in matters that actually have to do with reality (you know…law, science, etc.):

Just take common questions, declare them a mystery and that no one has an answer, and presto, religion becomes an authority.

An authority on par with with “man’s law”…

and we all know that ties go to religion, no?

Although he just as easily could have been summarizing an underlying motif of the Rush Limbaugh Show over the last two-plus decades, Myers actually was analyzing a wonderful (cough, hack) scholastic (barf) publication by – I kid you not – Bob Jones University Press.

Michele Bachmann voters and Sarah Palin supporters…

they start ’em young.

Stated differently:

It’s truly frightening to think there are people this ignorant who are in a position to peddle such tosh to impressionable kids.

No wonder christianists don’t want gays and lesbians to be around kids.  Aside from the handful at radfemshlub, twanzphobic and in the Luna-Tick’s orbit, it would be damn near impossible to find any non-heterosexual (including- and here’s my annual quota of grudging compliments for HRC – those on Rhode Island Avenue; c’mon, Joe Solmonese is a transphobic turd, but I’d wager a few bucks that he could do a better job of explaining electricity than that) who is not light-years more intelligent than these mushrooms-with-printing-press.

7 Responses to The Constitution-Vampirism of Religion

  1. claire says:

    Being an electrical engineer that gave me a good laugh

  2. Rebecca Ashling says:

    Or felt it? So when I once received an electric shock from a faulty kettle, I was imagining it, huh?

  3. friday jones says:

    To paraphrase old Bil:

    Cue the outraged electrical engineers!

  4. Twansphobic is really worried about the trans panthers’ party… I’m worried about whether the panther in the logo is sufficiently fabulous.

    Wow… that’s… there needs to be a facepalm warning for when I get links to ‘baggery like that.

  5. Alex Bennett says:

    I am doing a report over Vampirism… I cannot seem to find anything helpful… Help needed?

    • Katrina Rose says:

      Well, this ENDABlog post was about a certain kind of Vampirism.

      Is it the sort of Vampirism that Kentucky schools would appreciate you doing a report on, much less “over”?

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