The Houston Chronicle’s Readers: Always Keepin’ it Klassy and Klassier

I haven’t watched Dancing With the Stars.  I can’t bring myself to – not because of Chaz Bono, but in spite of him.  Sorry, Chaz.  Yes, I hope you win – but its still mind-sucking reality show, and I just can’t bring myself to watch it.

At this point, I suggest that everyone go dig up Bill Hicks’ poposal for a reality show featuring Billy Ray Cyrus.

After you’ve digested that, take a look at these wonderful examples of the Houston Chronk’s readership base – beginning with someone with the initials ‘BJ’:

And now…a secret contributor to radfemshlub perhaps? 

Thing’s the thing, dig?

Olivia, eh?  No comment.

Any bets as to whether, at some point in “prlary”‘s life, “prlary” received a job/promotion/etc. for no other reason than the refusal of the decisionmaker in question to bestow the job/promotion/etc. upon a better qualified LGBT person?

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