But, Of Course, Decriminalizing Victimless Crime is Out of the Question

You know, like pot, prostitution, gambling…

you know, what keeps a good percentage of people who are allowed to call themselves public servants – cops – from ever doing anything that actually is of public service, such as protecting people from actual crime?

From Feministing:

Last night, in between approving city expenditures and other routine agenda items, the Topeka, Kansas City Council debated one rather controversial one: decriminalizing domestic violence.

Here’s what happened: Last month, the Shawnee County District Attorney’s office, facing a 10% budget cut, announced that the county would no longer be prosecuting misdemeanors, including domestic violence cases, at the county level. Finding those cases suddenly dumped on the city and lacking resources of their own, the Topeka City Council is now considering repealing the part of the city code that bans domestic battery.

Memo to the Occupy Wall Street folks: America’s financial parasite class is not the only thing that needs to be ‘occupied’.

One Response to But, Of Course, Decriminalizing Victimless Crime is Out of the Question

  1. That’s a thing that’s been getting to me recently: both “left-” and “right-” oriented folks seem to be obsessed over injustices they perceive in… money flows, all of which are organized and supervised (or pseudo-vised ?-) by the government; the rich are getting too damned rich, alternatively, “entitlements” for the undeserving poor are undermining our Work Ethic, and so on and so forth.

    Meanwhile, as if it’s proscribed intellectual territory, NOBODY looks at the immense costs associated with our government’s sprawling punitive regulatory apparatus, particularly the persecution of those who engage in victimless crimes… especially the loss of our freedoms as a consequence of the War on (some) Drugs, the violence endemic to black markets, the cost of filling prisons with non-violent drug offenders, the punishment of medical marijuana users and providers, (does this list ever end?).

    It’s bizarre. It seems as if seeking punishment for others is an intrinsic normative value in our society which has become unquestionable. The list of “misdemeanors” prohibited by law is enormous… no one counts the cost of overbroad legislation, the ridiculous nature of imposing on “law enforcement” agencies the task of enforcing laws (many of them vague and some downright incomprehensible) when the huge corpus of law leaves unavoidable selective enforcement of the law… it’s a bloody nightmare.

    The OCCUPY folks present a list of complaints, grievances, horrific injustices! The War on Drugs… not even mentioned. ??? (pathetic)

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