Gee…It Couldn’t Have Been Because No One Wanted to Watch a Pathetic, Third-Rate Rip-Off of Mad Men, Could it?

Of course not – at least according to the concerned ‘women’ of America:

Parents Spoke and NBC Cancels “The Playboy Club”

After the airing of only three episodes, the NBC network cancelled its heavily promoted series “The Playboy Club.”

Howzzat opposition to Modern Family goin’, eh?

My question: Why haven’t they tried to claim credit for the cancellation of My Mother the Car?

6 Responses to Gee…It Couldn’t Have Been Because No One Wanted to Watch a Pathetic, Third-Rate Rip-Off of Mad Men, Could it?

  1. But My Mother the Car lasted an entire season and is named by many as the worst sitcom of all time!

    Tim Conway was famous for so many of his canceled shows that he has a license plate that read “13 WKS”

    And The Playboy Club joins the list of other great dramas turned into accidental sitcoms like Supertrain, Cop Rock, “V” and the 2000 Presidential Election.

    But my all time immortal and infamous favorites include these short-lived sitcoms

    Steven Shrimpnel as mild mannered Stanley Beamish who became a Superhero who could fly thanks to power pills given to him by government agent John McGiver.
    Today we call those pills Viagra!

    Captain Nice,
    William Daniels (Dr. Craig on St. Elsewhere and KITT the car on Knight Rider) as a milder mannered superhero

    Tim Conway as a Western Town Sheriff whose best friend is an Indian named Pink Cloud! (Guy Marks)

    Based on a 1938 movie, John Schuck and Sharon Gless (Cagney & Lacey) play a married couple who switch bodies and lives.

    Run, Buddy, Run
    Jack Sheldon (singer and musician in Merv Griffin’s band who sang “Joe Cool” in the Peanuts cartoon) as Buddy, a reluctant witness to a mob killing in a steam bath.

    Farewell Playboy Club, winner of Zero Emmies,
    Laid to rest at the Tomb of the Unseen Program!

    • Katrina Rose says:

      I’m ashamed to say it, but I actually watched Turnabout, not simply because of the role-switching but because I was curious as to what was going to become of Schuck after McMillan and Wife and Gless after Switch.


      If you want a truly horrid series with Schuck in it, try Holmes and Yoyo.

  2. Polar says:

    They usually cancel the good stuff, too. “Jericho”, for instance. I simply cannot understand how anyone can watch “American Idol”, “XFactor”, “Glee” and “Dancing with the Stars.” There must be some hypnosis thing going on with these that doesn’t work on me.

    • Katrina Rose says:

      Well, I’m not a fan of it but Glee actually is a show with actors, scripts, et. al.

      But, then again…

      so were Cop Rock and Viva Laughlin!

  3. Yes, Polar,

    And with Jericho at least the network allowed the producers to do a fairly decent series windup to the series finale where they resolved the story line satisfactorily and tied up most of the loose ends.

    Thirty years ago it was the Celebrity Junk sports like
    Battle of the Network Stars that introduced the idea that folks really needed to see out of work celebrities engage in athletic competition.

    Today American Idol lets bad performers get past an audition and on television just because untalented people failing is fun to watch! Everyone auditioning is supposed to be 28 or younger, but they’ll let people through who can grab an audience– after all Susan Boyle at 47 wouldn’t have had a chance on American Idol and it was Simon Cowell who let her through in his UK X Factor that made her breakout success happen.

    Glee’s “Born This Way” episode has a once bullied gay teen return as a coach who channels his inner Streisand to tell a woman not to fix the ethnic heritage of her nose! An attractive woman who is running for office is revealed to have been be a nerd at a previous school who’d had what some now call “facial feminzation surgery”!

    And Chaz Bono couldn’t get on Dancing with the Stars as Chastity the Lesbian Activist & Musician. And no matter how gay some of the contestants or judges may be– they’re not having same sex couples dance because the whole show is a heterosexual romantic fantasy played out through dancing.

    But until DWTS, transsexuals couldn’t get guest shots on late night talk shows and Chaz is there supposedly for his breaking through. But there are dozens of talented transsexual performers: professional singers, musicians, dancers and actors that will not ever get on to shows other than a Jerry Springer freak circus or as Dr. Phil’s psycho of the week.

  4. smartman says:

    They put the show on to compete with monday night football. Their target audience was distracted. Besides, all NBC was hoping for was a show that could borrow some of the viewers from Mad Men and they failed just like Pam An and all the other new “we’re in the 60s too” shows.

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