Christianist Hypocrisy

I know, I know…

‘Christianist hypocrisy’ is redundant.

But it helps to have examples on hand – such as this:

Four faith-based centers that counsel women with unplanned pregnancies filed lawsuits Thursday claiming Austin’s sign ordinance violates their constitutionally protected rights to freedom of speech and religion.

The ordinance, which the City Council passed unanimously last year, requires centers to post signs at their entrance stating they neither offer nor refer clients to abortion or birth control services.

First and foremost, we know that christianists don’t believe in the constiution.  So, the mere fact that they’re participating in ‘constitutional rights’ games is hypocritical.

However, there’s more.

Think about what they’re saying that Austin can’t force them to do: provide factual information.

Any bets as to which side the christianists would be on if Austin had passed an ordinance requiring abortion clinics to post images of aborted fetuses – which, strictly spoeaking, are items of factual information?

The day-to-day practical import of all of this is spelled out by a commenter who professes to be anti-abortion:

[W]hy does it violate your Christian beliefs to put up a sign saying you don’t offer abortion if you don’t offer abortion?

A question answered by the next commenter:

The pregnancy centers’ purpose for promoting this ignorance is to trick those who obviously already have enough problems.

So there we have it: Christianists believe that they have a special right to commit fraud.

Think about that when you see all of the Republican presidential candidates’ plastic smiles.

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