Beware of Corporately-Owned Congressmen Bearing Solidarity for the 99% of Americans Whose Lives Are Being Screwed by the Corporate Elite

Who else could I be referring to other than the still-anti-gay, still-closeted homosexual Eric Cantor:

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA) did his best Sunday to appear on the side of protesters in the Occupy movement after recently calling them “growing mobs.”

“I, for one, am increasingly concerned about the growing mobs occupying Wall Street and the other cities across the country,” the Virginia Republican had told a conservative crowd at the Values Voter Summit last week.

But only a week later, Cantor wasn’t willing to double down on those remarks.

“Congressman, do you stand by that comment about mobs?” Fox News’ Chris Wallace asked.

“Chris, I think more important than my use of that word is that there is a growing frustration across this country and it’s warranted,”….

Countdown to the Republicorporate majority ramming through a resolution ‘recognzing’ Americans’ frustration with ‘those job-killing Democrats’….

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