Yeh, I’m Aware of it…

What more really needs to be said (other than, perhaps: Apologies to a certan former Raiders, Oilers and Saints QB who, however many problems he may have had since leaving football, has never really done anything to deserve to be connected in any way – even satirically – to a certain disreputable trough of transphobia in DC, but who is unlucky enough to have his face on a 1980 football card whose location in my basement I happened to remember upon hearing about something recently done by a certain footsoldier for a certain disreputable trough of transphobia in DC)?

Of course, Texas courts likely will have plenty to say – and it likely will validate this sentiment:

I just to say thank you Meagan. You have screwed me and the rest of us. I hope that you and your wife have a great marriage. When they come to dissolve mine, please sleep well that night.

Less than two weeks ago I asked:

I didn’t know what was up, of course, but I knew that things had gotten quiet since word of Pee Wee Solmonese’s impending departure had made news.

Sleeping well after screwing over people.

That’s the HRC way of life business.

Always has been…

always will be.

2 Responses to Yeh, I’m Aware of it…

  1. sarasnavel says:

    Oh, come now.

    Just because if it really did happen, they could have gone to Vegas as husband and wife for the Federal benefits, or to a number of other places as wife and wife to get married for authenticity?

    Or, just because HRC has a history of using and discarding trans women?

    Or perhaps just because in one move HRC brought SSM to the forefront while *simultaneously* proving to the world that someone’s gender identity can change from day to day, on a whim, to best fit their immediate needs?

    Me, I think it might have been a trial balloon (if it actually happened). HRC has used the technique during ENDA and MD of performing a small stunt against trans people to judge the greater reaction with little risk. It also gives them the chance to find out what arguments may be used against them, ahead of time.

    But more so, this incident may be part of a larger strategy to slice away TS/TG/Tx support from any larger political agenda. What Stabler did for them created the *perfect* ammunition for the “what if someone decides they are a woman for the day just to get into the bathroom” crowd and argument. And if that caught steam, it would clearly behoove HRC to drop trans support as “too risky and contentious” and officially focus solely a clean, simple single issue…like, SSM!

    • Katrina Rose says:

      I can’t say I’ve ever seen either of the Exterminationism Twins and May-gun Stay-bluh in the same room at the same time.

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