I Think its Time to Make Transphobic, Lying, Anti-Education, Anti-Union Twerp Paul Scott Have to Go Out and Find a Private Sector Job in the Economy in Which His Ilk Thinks Anyone Who Really Wants a Job Can Find One, Don’t You?

Monica Roberts provides us with the history of Paul Scott, the Petulant Pustule of Perpetual Unemployment for the Legitimate 99% of the Populace:

In addition to earning the ire of the trans community in Michigan and beyond for his rampant transphobia, the cookie chomping knee-grow made the mistake of pissing off educators in the state.

Scott heads Michigan’s House  Education Committee, and pissed off teachers in the state and his 51st House district by shepherding the state cuts in K-12 funding and new taxes on pensions.  He has also been influential in pushing teacher tenure reform efforts championed by Gov. Rick Snyder (R-MI) that made it easier to fire teachers.

An enthusiastic recall effort spearheaded by teachers and people in the 51st District exasperated with Rep. Scott and funded by the Michigan Education Association got organized.   The Genessee County Elections Board approved the language on July 23 and the effort began to collect the 9,600 signatures required to force the recall election.  

The Recall Paul Scott team collected more than 12,000 signatures in a mere two weeks and the Michigan Bureau of Elections validated 11,000 of them, putting it well over the number needed to get the recall question placed on the November 8 ballot.

Rep. Scott struck back by filing a suit to stop the recall effort in Genessee County which was denied, then he took his efforts to stop the recall to neighboring Ingham County.   A divided Michigan Court of Appeals three judge panel surprisingly issued a 2-1 vote ruling to halt the recall despite the fact that absentee ballots for it had already been sent out, their rationale being the Genessee County judge erred in not granting the injunction to Scott.

The legal fun continued to reverse that ruling and Ingham County Circuit Court Judge Clinton Canady issued an injunction on October 6 to take the Paul Scott recall off the November 8 ballot. 

Now, M-Live brings us up to date on the possibility of the conservatwerp nevertheless becoming (nominally, at least; we all know a gig at either Fox ‘News’ or the Heritage Foundation will await him) part of the 99% on November 8th:

The on-again, off-again recall election against state Rep. Paul Scott is back on.

A week after an Ingham County judge ordered that the recall question be taken off the Nov. 8 ballot, the state Supreme Court on Thursday unanimously decided to put the issue to voters.

In its order, the Supreme Court said the state Court of Appeals was wrong to order an Ingham County judge to reverse his decision upholding the recall election.

Scott, a Grand Blanc Republican, said he is going back into campaign mode to save his job.

His job.

Keep that in mind if, over the next two weeks or so, you hear him claim that no one can say he’s completely oblivious to the unemployment issue.

He’s all tuned in to it alright – but only insofar as his own job is concerned.

Those of real people? 


Organizers behind the recall effort called Thursday’s ruling a victory for voters everywhere.

“It reinforces my belief that Michigan can have democratic government and function well,” said recall organizer Bobbie Walton of Davison.

“It’s exhilarating to think that we were right all along,” she added.

Recall organizers want to oust Scott, who chairs the House Education Committee, for several reasons, including his support of cuts to K-12 funding, voting for new pension taxes and influence in legislation that weakens teacher tenure protection.

Fenton resident Randy Wilson voted for Scott twice but signed the recall petitions after he became unhappy with the lawmaker.

“The premise of what he said he was going to do, he did an about face,” Wilson said.

Translated: Paul Scott is a lying sack of shit.

Wilson calls Scott’s efforts to get the recall off the ballot “usual politics,” and is confident Scott will be recalled.

“He’s just trying to save his political career,” Wilson said.

With any luck, when the sun rises on November 9th, Paul Scott will be an unemployed lying sack of shit.

My money is on him being a Fox ‘News’ talking head before Xmas.

3 Responses to I Think its Time to Make Transphobic, Lying, Anti-Education, Anti-Union Twerp Paul Scott Have to Go Out and Find a Private Sector Job in the Economy in Which His Ilk Thinks Anyone Who Really Wants a Job Can Find One, Don’t You?

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  2. Okay I’ll bet you $1 it’s after Xmas

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