You Tell Me…

Here’s one quote:

Mr. “Ashley” Yang is a TSA employee who enjoys masquerading as a woman.

Not only does he insist on wearing his costume at work, he insisted that he be employed as a screener. And since he thinks he’s a “woman,” he should photograph and grope other women under TSA’s same-sex screening policy.

And here’s another (from a source I refuse to link to):

Yet another ‘poor widdle twanzwoman’ (with penis) walks away with a tidy little settlement against former employers.

A transgender, by his own words, born male, has not had any SRS …  insists that he should be patting down FAB passengers at the security checkpoints at LAX.

And if you selfish, greedy little M2Ts carry on suing everybody, you can expect your unemployment rate to go even higher. If I was an employer, I wouldn’t touch one of you speshul widdle snowflakes with a barge pole, precisely because of your self-centredness and propensity to sue at the drop of a hat.

Now, you tell me: Who is in bed with who?  And what are they actually doing together there?

Oh, and BTW…

Eugene Delgaudio didn’t even bother how to explain how he and his organization came to their apparent conclusion that Ashley Yang used her position at the TSA to engage in sexual assault of female airline passengers. Or, how she — who not only has never been accused of viewing child pornography or engaging in child molestation, but received a financial settlement of her suit against the TSA for their discriminatory behavior and tolerance of sexual harassment against her — ended up in the organization’s gallery of TSA pedophiles.

The implication by Delgaudio and his organization is that trans women are all sexual monsters ready to prey on women and (especially) children — And unlike even Paul Cameron, Delgaudio doesn’t even bother to come up with “scientific studies” to back up his baseless, bigoted opinion about trans women.

In other words, trans doesn’t equal sexual monster; trans doesn’t equal pedophile.



That would be precisely what Delgaudio (source of the first quote – a slightly different version of which is being critiqued by St. Autumn) is saying…utilizing the practical definition of “saying” that Fox ‘News’ uses, namely “implying…wink, wink.”

Which leads me to ask: Why, Autumn, are you using a headline that, read literally, states that Delgaudio does recognize a difference between trans people and pedophiles – when, based solely on the words in his fundraising letter scam, one can draw no conclusion about whether he actually knows the difference but one can draw the conclusion that Delgaudio’s scam will benefit financially from the difference not actually being spelled out, which, in turn, might lead a cynic to presume that Delgaudio either doesn’t know or doesn’t care about the difference?  I mean…

that would be as inaccurate as having the headline: Proprietor of ‘Twanzphobic’ ≠ To Trans-Exterminationist

One Response to You Tell Me…

  1. As it happens, I just dropped a trans (?) “friend” on Facebook who shared a link from that “source”. (I no longer read that crap, because what’s the point? I’d rather cuddle up with my kitties and dive into Mein Kampf!)

    Poser. I have zero patience with pseudonymous twits.

    – bonzie anne

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