Reality to Paul Scott: Tough Shit, Twit

Ah yes…

Republicans, special rights they want.

First, Pustule Paul Scott tries to forum-shop is way out of a validly-triggered recall election.  Now, he’s saying…

Or, rather, he’s trying to claim that his multitudes of supporters are going to be confused because of all of the recent court battles which caused the recall election to be off for a while but now back on.


Who caused all of the court-ordered shenanigans……………….?

The group working to recall Rep. Paul Scott isn’t buying Scott’s recent argument that the election is too confusing to be held next month and should be pushed to February.

Scott on Friday filed a motion with the Michigan Supreme Court asking the election be delayed three months.

Scott said he is worried some residents in his district were told there was nothing on the ballot if they requested absentee ballots between when the Ingham County judge canceled the recall election and the Supreme Court overruled the decision.

Gee, Paul, if you’d have just been willing to stand on your record against the people who validly used laws enacted by the people of the State of Michigan (You have heard of the people of the State of Michigan, haven’t you Paul?  They’re like the Koch brothers – only there are more of them and they’re not criminals) to make you justify what you’ve done while in office instead of trying to manipulate the court system (I thought Republicans hated activist judges, eh?) into preventing the people from expressing their will, maybe there wouldn’t be any confusion; everyone would know that the recall is taking place and that would be that, no?

And why might Pustule Paul really want a recall election against him to be held not in November of an off-year but, instead, in February of a presidential election year?

“If this is a confusing thing for the voters, we do not believe we did it (confused the voters),” said recall organizer Bobbie Walton.

Walton added Scott might have another motive for pushing the election to Feb. 28.

“It’s well known that that’s the Republican (presidential) primary.”

Republicans, special rights they want.

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