Something To ‘Study’ On

Refresh your  memories on the fake ‘test’ published and portrayed as ‘science’ before its author ever attempted to find out if it worked

Of course, its probably just as well that he didn’t bother with it beforehand – because he would have suffered acute laughter poisoning.

Now, would anyone be shocked if that ‘test’ came from the same person who concocted these ‘study’ parameters?

I’m sure you wouldn’t…

even though it didn’t.

The top image is, of course, the ridiculous ‘test’ from J. Michael Bailey‘s fraudulent 2003 ‘science’ tract The Man Who Would be Queen.

The second image?

That’s from the equally dubious 1979 Meyer-Reter ‘study’, published in the Archives of General Psychiatry in 1979 and, forever since, used by anti-transsexual opportunists everywhere to claim that there is no consensus that the christianists’ and/or ‘feminist’ trans-exterminationists’ (same thing, really) vision of how transsexuals should be treated is bullshit.

I’m sure you’ve heard the alleged ‘findings’ of the study bellowed by one christianist (or insurance company) or another: There’s no objective benefit derived from SRS, yadda, yadda, yadda….

But those ‘findings’ themselves, of course, are derived from an alleged lack of adjustment following SRS.

Just as Fucksaw Bailey arbitrarily uses several +1/-1 teetertotters – my second favorite being the age factor (with its 15-year donut hole), and don’t get me started on the occupational one – to brand certain transsexual women as men (J. Michael Squirrel, perhaps?), Jon Meyer and Donna Reter set up on that goes across two categories because of how they balance each other out.

Being arrested is a negative.

Okay, I can deal with that – even though any rational huamn being would not make it as simple as that (littering = DWI = murder?).  But, there is a slight distinction for Meyah: being jailed is worse than merely being arrested.


“Arrested” = -1

Cohabitation with a nongender-appropriate person?

Also -1.

So  there you have it.

Being gainfully employed, being educated, and never getting any closer to legal trouble than buying a ticket to the policeman’s ball…?

Irrelevant if you’re a post-transition woman who has the temerity to bed down with another woman.

Now, go talk amongst yah-salves.  Meanwhile, I’m going to drive a truck around for a while whilst doing some computer programming with my free hand.

5 Responses to Something To ‘Study’ On

  1. Kathleen says:

    “Captain Oveur: Joey, do you like movies about gladiators?”

    At least those jokes actually produced laughter.

    “Steve McCroskey: Johnny, what can you make out of this?
    [Hands him Bailey’s & Meyer’s scribblings]

    Johnny: This? Why, I can make a hat or a brooch or a pterodactyl… ”

    It does raise some questions. If the reiteration of stereotypes and obvious repressed feelings regarding sex & gender diversity counts as science – what diagnosis is indicated when viewing the authors above?

  2. Kathleen says:

    George Zipp says:

    Because Bailey is my butler?

    Alright – how about being force feed a diet consisting of only Turkish Taffy? They brought it back.

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