One More Reason to Support the Recall of Paul Scott: Anti-Public Education, Corporatism-Pusher Michelle Rhee

This shouldn’t be a surprise.

The national education reform group StudentsFirst has committed nearly $73,000 to help Rep. Paul Scott, R-Grand Blanc, avoid being voted out of office in a recall election, campaign finance reports show.

The group’s Michigan political action committee has paid for $13,591.05 already and owes another $59,408.29 for services rendered, the reports show.

The group is headed by former Washington, D.C., Schools Chancellor Michelle Rhee and has advocated for eliminating or reforming teacher tenure systems and other changes.

We all (even The John) know about Paul Scott’s transphobia – upon which he based his campaign for secretary of state, a campaign which should have led to his being permanently banned from the practice of law – but his and Rhee’s anti-education (and that’s what it is, not simply anti-public education but anti-education period; these people believe that education is a privilege that you should only be able to partake in if you’re born into a gene pool and trust fund that can buy it for you) goals are even more disturbing and should by themselves be cause to boot the little pustule from office.

I could elaborate, but I’ll turn it over to one of the commenters at MLive:

Color me unsurprised that an ethics-challenged self-promoting opportunist would be in Scott’s camp. They’re both cut from the same cloth. Google Michelle Rhee+cheating scandal and then ponder just what and how many backroom deals will come to fruition once Scott destroys public education in Michigan.

StudentsFirst is another one of those Orwellian monikers. Profit for a few elites comes first — the students are the last consideration.

Students First…

Uh huh…

First into the meat grinder.

Soylent Green is the result of what Michelle Rhee has in mind for students!!!!!!

Its time for Paul Scott to have to look for a private sector job in the economy his party created.

Michigan, please give him the opportunity to have to do so on November 8th.

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