R.I.P. – The Britney Spears Corollary to Godwin’s Law

You know that corollary, right?  The one that states that any discussion about gay marriage will eventually get to Britney Spears’ eighteen-second marriage – and how it is legal by gay marriages involving partners who’ve been together decades aren’t.

Well, that went bye-bye today – and it went to wherever Bill Hicks’ sense of irony is hanging out these days.

A completely useless lifeform – one of the Kardashians – has decided to end a twenty-three-second-old marriage that, because it was to a guy, is valid anywhere without question…

and the news of this breaks on the same day that another completely useless lifeform – one whose crowning achievement in life was attempting to make sure that that Kardashian marriage was protected against the scourge of marriages that might be between two men or two women and last more than twenty-three seconds – ceased being a lifeform.

I leave it to you all to work that up into proper corollary form.


1647 articles, eh?

If you actually care about that marriage/divorce and your name isn’t Kardashian, you’re part of the problem…

and the 1% thanks you.

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