Closet Case Cantor Spouts Nonsense

Yeh, I know…

and the sky is up – so what’s new, right?  This time it was about gay marriage:

Demanded one audience member [at a gathering at the U of Michigan], “I’m gay, you’re not for my family, am I in your bedroom?”

Cantor lobbed back a non-answer: “Well, I would again say that, we all no matter what we are — who we are, what the background of this country, should allow for equal opportunity to earn the success that we’re after.”

Calling that a non-answer is an insult to nothingness.

Then again, what aspect of Cantor’s very being is not an insult to every real human being who has to live in reality?

I must say that I do like the Towleroad comment by ‘Trees’ to Closet Case Cantor’s nonsense:

He says absolutely nothing in his answer to the guy in the audience, other than referring to the greatness of our country. He doesn’t even use sentences, just disjointed phrases. Like most politicians, if you ask him about an issue, all he does is wave a verbal American flag, spouts nonsense, and thinks he has solved the issue and put down his opponents.

Honestly, I think that if Barry Goldwater was to suddenly re-animate, the second thing he’d do – after kicking Pat Robertson’s ass – would be to wipe the floor with the wotrthless pile of slime that is Eric Cantor.

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