He’s Investment Class and (Faux) Working Class….

As a follow up to this post, I had to give “The ’68 Nixon” the full Romney treatment – in no small part because of something that I think should be a first-degree felony: detached-from-reality millionaires dressing down in order to con the rabble into thinking that said millionaires have any use whatsoever for said rabble.

Multimillionaire Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney (R) told employees at a steel fabrication plant on Monday that government employees “are making a lot more money than we are.”

Romney’s desire to appear as a regular American has caused him to make a series of gaffes this year.

In June, he told a group of unemployed people in Florida that he was “also unemployed.”

Returning to Florida in September, the candidate claimed that he was part of the middle class.

The former Massachusetts governor has a net worth estimated at up to $250 million.

Yes, he’s far more than a candidate…

He’s a class-(un)conscious crowd.

Now, with full apologies to John Denver, here are my full and complete lyrics to “The 2012 Romney” (which only work if you say “twenty-twelve” instead of “two-thousand-twelve”, but I digress…):

“The 2012 Romney” (sung to the tune of Denver, Boise and Johnson’s “The ’68 Nixon”)

Hi there voters, how do you feel?
Tired of the same old vote appeal?
Well look who’s back with a brand new style
A brand new look and a brand new smile

It’s the 2012 Romney, everything is new
A brand new image just created for you
A dozen different finishes and lots of fine spin
He’s got a brand new doggie, in a brand new travel bin

Now the Perry can ramble, the Herman can grope
But Mitt can jump from left to right and manage to cope
His ’94 production was liberal lite
His ’08 was fueled with faux-christianist spite
The third time’s a charm and if it’s charm that you like

You’ll like the 2012 Romney, he’s different this year
The 2012 Romney is here and he is liberal and conservative
He’s humble and he’s proud
He’s more than just a candidate, he’s a crowd

Yes, he’s the 2012 Romney a brother to man
So run and see him quick before he changes again
In every town and hamlet he is soon to appear
The 2012 Romney, he’s different this year
The 2012 Romney, guaranteed not to smear
The 2012 Romney is here

The preceding was a paid political denouncement.

Okay, that last part’s a lie.  I don’t get paid squat.

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