Thirteen Months Later, A Question

A little over thirteen months ago, I attended what I presumed would be Joe Paterno’s final trip to Kinnick Stadium in Iowa City as the head football coach of Penn State – a position no one not named Joe Paterno has held since my first year on this planet.  This was my ENDABlog post about the game:

I’m not sure what else you can call the temporal distance between Penn State head coach Joe Paterno and the players he’s coaching now. 

I snagged a ticket on Ebay to catch the Iowa-Penn State game last nite, which probably will be Paterno’s last trip to Kinnick Stadium.  Not only did I want to see the game in and of itself (with a few losses by the right teams, Iowa still could creep back into the national title picture), but for all practical purposes the guy has been the only Penn State head coach during my lifetime – and I was born during the immediate afterglow of the Johnson victory over Goldwater.

I’m not sure there’s a better generational contrast than that I captured (from across the field and fifty rows up, BTW; I love my 250mm lens with the image stabilizer!) during the first half last night: a head coach whose playing days were during the Truman Administration standing in front of a tattooed lineman who Paterno could be the Mini-Me of.

But, now to the important stuff: Iowa 24 – Penn State 3.

And now tonight…

Well, it certainly does look as though whenever next Penn State’s football team plays a road game at the University of Iowa, Paterno will not be the team’s head coach – but it will not be because of the inevitabilities of actuary tables.  Instead, it will be…

Well, I think we know why…

This, of course, leads to a question that needs to be asked by the corporate media – but which we know will not be.

Based on everything I’ve seen thus far about the events at Penn State which are going to result in Joe Paterno being forced out, absolutely no one is asserting or even implying that Paterno did not do precisely what was required of him by law upon learning of what he learned of approximately a decade ago.

Go talk amongst yah-selves if you want to discuss whether he should have done more and when.  But…

If you do go and talk amongst yah-selves to discuss whether he should have done more and when, you must also ask the following question: If Joe Paterno has to resign (or be fired) as head coach of a college football team because he did follow the letter of the law, what should this guy:


have to do (or have done unto him) for not only not following the letter of the law himself but also aiding and abetting dozens if not hundreds or thousands of child molesters in not following the letter of the law and, in turn, getting away with doing exactly what Joe Paterno properly reported Jerry Sandusky as having been alleged to have done once Paterno was informed of the allegation against Sandusky?

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