Here’s a Thought…

We see in the Baltimore Sun:

Edwin F. O’Brien, the former archbishop of Baltimore, and his colleagues from Washington and Delaware sent a 16-page statement to parishes arguing that allowing same-sex marriage would violate religious freedom.

Sorry. Time for a reality veto.

No one currently or formerly affiliated with any organization that has allowed, internally condoned and perpetually covered up the sexual violation of children’s physical freedom is allowed to claim in any way, in any forum, anywhere that the act of two consenting adults – who might happen to be of the same sex – getting married and having that marriage sanctioned by the state can possibly violate any cognizable ‘freedom’ of anyone.

That means no Penn State football coaches or administrators get to weigh in on gay marriage.

And that means no one with any connection to the catholic church get to weigh in on gay marriage.

End of story.

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